AllHipHop’s 2007 Resolution: Bad Habits

Admit it - you've made plenty of those "New Year's Resolutions" with the best of intentions, only to have them fall by the wayside before you know it. It's been said that good intentions pave the road to hell, and some of us know that all too well.

In honor of our imperfections, we got together with some of our Hip-Hop family to discuss the ways we've missed the mark on our resoutions. Of course you always have those happy, shiny people who make us all look bad, but do we let that stop the fun?

The burning question: What is a New Year's resolution you've made more than once, but have never kept?

B.G: To stop smokin’ cigarettes. My intentions are good.

Big Kuntry (PSC): Leave these girls alone. [smiles]

Big Tigger: I’m a get married soon. That was my New Years resolution for the last four years and y'all women just keep fumbling. Y'all keep firing yourselves.

Bobby Valentino: To settle down with one girl.

Coota Bang: Smokin’ and drinkin’, but I probably won’t this year either.

Dame Grease: To slow down on the piffington… Yeah right!

DDT (producer): I think we've all made the "eat healthy" resolution. That, and the "get money" resolution. I'm already good looking and good with God, not much more to ask for… save a wife.

DJ Whoo Kid: To stop cheating.

Dove (AllHipHop Executive Content Manager): To save my money! It always seems to magically spend itself.

Dr. Teeth (director): I’ma go on a diet. [laughs] I’ma work out and get that ab six pack and lose the keg - but I never keep it.

Grouchy Greg (AllHipHop Co-Founder/CEO): To settle down.

Idris Elba: Stop bulls**ting. Basically I procrastinate, and I say it every single year. This time I’m gonna honestly beat myself down to the ground if I start procrastinating. Next year is a heavy year for me.

Ill Bill: Quit smoking weed. I can’t do it.

Illseed (AllHipHop Rumors Guru): For the past few years, I have resolved to stop listening to negative Hip-Hop, but it keeps calling me like the crack pipe calls the fiend. I love this drug!

Jigsaw (AllHipHop Co-Founder/CEO): Each and every year, I promise to stop biting my finger nails. I made it about six months this year, but crumbled right as AllHipHop Week got underway.

Jin: That I will keep my New Years resolutions this year.

Killer Mike: My New Year's resolution is always to do my own s**t in music, and push my own company. I left Purple Ribbon and I'm doing just that. Wish a n***a luck.

Lupe Fiasco: I try not to make resolutions just ‘cause it’s New Years. If you want to make a change, start today, right now.

Murs: To be happy.

Paine (AllHipHop Features Editor): To eat better. The Crown Fried keeps calling, so this year I taped a Masta Killa vegetarianism ad to my refrigerator door. Wu-Tang for the arteries, son!

Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men): There isn't one resolution I've made and haven't honored. I like setting goals to accomplish for myself.

Wood Harris: Probably not to drink on that particular holiday.

Vida Guerra: I said I would stop eating junk food!

Yo Gotti: Stop gambling. [laughs]

Young Dro: I wasn’t gonna cheat, and I ended up cheating.