AllHipHop Staff Picks—10.21.07

Once again, we’re not saying these joints are the end all be all to what should

be on your Hip-Hop musical palette. But, we won’t deny that our tastes

are highly refined. That said, we thought it would be nice to share

what we're bumping. We also got Illseed to lay off the haterade for a second and share a song. Grouchy GregCompton's Most Wanted "One Time Gaffled Em Up"The sample is really hot and this song really captures a young MC Eiht giving a dope description of his daily life as a youngin coming up in Compton. This was really early in the eventual history of Compton's legacy of producing world class rappers and producers.Dynasty WilliamsPlayaz Circle f/ Lil Wayne "Duffle Bag Boy"The beat is real hot and the hook is strong. Plus, I used to carry a duffle bag in High School. But mine had basketball practice clothes in it. Kathy IandoliAlchemist f/ Prodigy and Nina Sky "Key to the City"Same lineup

as "Hold U Down" (minus Illa Ghee) but slightly more mellow. Makes you

want to ride around in your whip and toast the good life. I have

absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.AquaPete Rock f/ Method Man "Half Man Half Amazin'"To all my Bronx ni****.DoveT.I. f/ Alfa Mega & Busta Rhymes "Hurt" Intense! Love the video, and even with TIP locked up, it played out well on the BET Awards with Alfa Mega and Busta performing it live. Jamile KaroutNas "Silent Murder"So much time is spent criticizing the words in the music that the message behind it is missed. Nas has been under the microscope lately for his choice in titles for his next album, but he has always used words that could be considered controversial to send a powerful message through his music. JigsawLil Wayne "Gossip"I still haven't heard the official version of this song, but the internet gave it new life after the live performance on the BET Hip Hop Awards. The beat is simple, but sufficient considering Birdman Jr's intensity. Right now, all Wayne needs is a classic album to wrap up 2007 and the year is his.OdeiselTalib Kweli f/ Kanye West & Roy Ayers "In The Mood" The legendary Roy Ayers, dropping that sunshine on the vibraphone with Kweli trading verses with Kanye in a substance vs. swagger clash that enhances the good points of each. 10 o'clock driving music for the over 25 crowd, iPod head-nodder for the enlightened. Good music indeed.IllseedGorilla Zoe "Count On Me"This isn't my typical song, but for some reason it means something to me. First of all, the song reminds me that we are all in the struggle of life and, with teamwork, we can overcome anything. Nevermind any references to the trap, or whatever, it's a positive song about comradere. Bill O'Reilly be damned.