AllHipHop Staff Picks—10.28.07

Back again, with more of the joints we think you should be checking for, or made aware of anyway. Yes, we know, but Illseed does what Illseed wants to do and he didn't send in his pick, yet. DoveGucci Mane f/ Ludacris & Lil Kim "Freaky Gurl (Remix)" Liked the original, loved the remix with Luda at the top of the Summer... it took the nation forever and a day to latch on to this song, but I'm glad they came with Lil Kim on this new mix for a refresher. "Freaky Gurl" isn't a song for your computer—it's to be appreciated as a Friday-night-at-the-club-after-three-drinks kinda thing.JigsawJay-Z "No Hook"I know American Gangster is not out, but I have to pick Jay-Z’s “No Hook.” The song clearly shows Jigga taking people through the plight of a young man that has decisions to make. But, I love to delve into the darker side of life and really seeing people example the “why” behind the final product seen in the street. Kathy IandoliJanelle Monae "Violet Stars Happy Hunting"Dare I say she can be the female Andre3000? Dare I say!ODeiselIce Cube "My Summer Vacation"Before his present incarnation as the king of the kiddie movies, Ice Cube was at one point the most potent street poet in Hip-Hop. Cube atomically dogs the George Clinton sample, methodically chronicling how gang violence spread like the plague across America (in this case St. Louis). No hooks. No gimmicks. No glamorization. No happy ending. Tupac was never this good. Throw up your W's.AquaIce Cube "The Ni**a Ya Love To Hate"Feeling ODeisel on the Cube tip (pause). Craig from Friday and The Bomb Squad created some heaters. But in light of Nas' dubious album titling (you lost if you think he really thought Hip-Hop danced with the reaper), this funk ride from Amerikkka's Most Wanted is a perfect example of focused rap rage's ability to send jabs to the establishment. "Kickin' sh*t called street knowledge/Why are more ni**as in the pen than in college?/Because of that line I might be your cellmate..."Martin A. BerriosBravehearts f/ Nas "Eat These Bullets"Something you might of missed in '04. Bravehearts and Nas flowing over the break from EPMD's classic "You're A Customer." While normally Wiz and Jungle don't do much, both go in heavy on that street ish. Even with a lazy flow, Esco is still killing most of these Rap chumps.