AllHipHop Staff Picks—12.16.07

To make one bob they head would be the track job, your job's to spit that fire. Some of y'all MC's take this rhyming for granted, I won't comply. With that stacking, popping and cracking, 4th ward way we snapping. They wan't that hardness, that oddness that gets a n***a to start this. What's happening? See if I do what you won't do today boy, will I live tomorrow like you can't even live cause you strayed. Motivational skills lacking, when I see you n***a packing. Understand that though, you behind a $75,000 car door, but you still stay with mom though, playing the King like Don though. You chocked up, you was the n***a that supposed to be so locced up. Making them think Hip-Hop is dead, exhume the body if you ain't scared. And if I see you in the streets I'd dap you down like you was Greg. –Big Boi “Chonkyfire” from OutKast's Aquemini(1998)Kathy IandoliKid Sister "Switch Board"Three Red Bulls, five lattes (with an espresso shot), two cans of Jolt, and entire pack of Pixie Sticks, and I still probably can't keep up with the BPM's of this track. Kid Sister is gonna r-u-n the clubs come '08. Wait and see. She had me going back for acrylics after"Pro-Nails" and all of my fellow lady scribes can attest to how hard it is to type with THOSE things on.Martin A. BerriosSaigon f/ Kool G. Rap "The Letter P"To keep it one hundred, I never really understood why people were ever really digging Saigon. This is the only joint of his I have ever really checked for. Kool G is on it and they both rip the beat to shreds. Okay let me shut up before he finds me and snuffs me. Thanks. DoveGucci Mane f/ Trey Songz "Drink It Straight" Yeaaaaaaah! Gucci Mane is doing it up right now. Trey Songz is sounding a LOT like R. Kelly on this track, but fortunately I don't feel creeped out listening to him. Beat is poppin... nice hook... now somebody pass me the bottle!ODeiselLL Cool J "I've Changed"A tale of rage jealousy and regret minus all the syrup that the Uncle has become synonymous with. With Ryan Toby doing his best Curtis Mayfield impression, LL goes down the path of no return dealing with a failed relationship, and rage at a woman who won't take him back. The police are involved, the drama is high, and it's a helluva story. Too bad all of his album wasn't this good.Jamile KaroutStyles P f/ Black Thought "Cause I'm Black"Styles P and Black thought bring back the real rap. This is powerful song brings light to a lot of the major issues that a have been overlooked and forgotten. "Cause I'm Black" is another resurrection of Hip-Hop's voice. AquaHi-Tek f/ Riz, Kurupt & Dion "Back On The Grind"Don't know why the album credits Sean Kingston, but it's actually Kurupt getting busy over this mean @ss track. Riz, a new cat from Harlem, hold his own and I'll take Dion flexing his vocals on a hook over anyone with a vocoder (except for Snoop's new joint). Hi-Tek wins again. Steve RazeBishop Lamont f/ Dready Beats "Shi**in' On Fools"Bishop Lamont has been torching the West up with some heat. Lyrically he's on point and I really like his new song "Shi**in' On Fools." Minus the bowel movement on the hook, I think that was a little extra, this song has Bishop spitting on fools.