Artists Honor Guru At Fundraiser (May 18th)

Jeru The Damaja was among the artists who showed up at TAJ on May 18th to support The Above the Clouds fundraiser in honor of deceased rapper Guru. The legacy of Guru, who died of cancer on April 19th, was honored by a variety of artists during the event, which included a video mix created by Ralph McDaniels. Despite the controversial nature of his death, Jeru gave a heartfelt speech about his time spent with Guru and a member of the Gang Starr Foundation. “The brother saved my life, if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be no Jeru the Damaja,” Jeru stated. “This aint about Jeru or no body else. I don’t got nothing coming out fuck it. Its for my man Guru. I was 16 when we started hanging. One thing I know about the dude, he would never want a moment of silence cause he loved to hear his name and rock the mic.”All proceeds from the event are being donated to Guru’s son K.C. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player