Asher Roth Speaks On "Hot Lists" And The Race Issue In Hip-Hop

Asher Roth realizes that the racial matters are going to follow him through his already successful career. However, the difference - he hopes -is his his genuine love of Hip-Hop culture overrides any questions of the color of his skin. He hopes that his upcoming album, The Spaghetti Tree will woo naysayers as she combines his lyrical skill with the sounds of Pharrell, Nottz, Ryan Leslie, and Organized Noize. The album was meant to drop this year, but now it is on schedule for an early 201l. With the delays, he hasn't been overly conscered with his exclusion from various "top" and "hot" lists recently. He's all about the music and being a contributor to the greatness of Hip-Hop.

The Morrisville, PA-bred rapper lets everybody know his thoughts. Click here on part of our exclusive interview.