Atlanta Rapper Rasheeda On The New-Age Ladies of Hip-Hop

Nowadays, discovering a new female rapper face happens frequently, but we can't forget any of the ones that have previously prevailed. Just like fellow seasoned female spitters Gangsta Boo, Trina, Diamond, and more, Atlanta's rapping "Georgia Peach" Rasheeda is amongst the group, utilizing convergence of the rap industry into today's times.

The "Got That Good (My Bubble Gum)" rhymer recently dropped her latest effort, Boss Bitch Music 4, the latest installment in her Boss Bitch Music series. had a quick chat with Rasheeda, the 10+ year rap veteran, to hear about her experiences in the game, her new project, and what she thinks of the new-age ladies of Hip-Hop: You have had a good amount of experience in your career, both with major labels and indies, as
well as working some Hip-Hop heavyweights along the way. How has that prepared you for running
your own situation now?

Rasheeda: I think the best way to learn anything is through experience, and as an artist and a business woman, you have to learn what works best for you. I have seen varies sides of the music business and I wanted to have control of my music destiny. Being in different major label situations helped me to understand the methods of launching an artist - unfortunately, that was never me - but I was able to see first hand why certain artist get certain places and it’s not always about the talent. Being independent, you deal with way less bullsh*t, and although the machine isn’t as big, if you do the right things and have patience, you can get far. I also tell people this, you don’t have to be mainstream to be successful in this business. What do you see that is different about the game now then when you first broke in?

Rasheeda: Huh!? Where should I start [laughter]. Well when I first broke in it was all about real music, having real records. As time passed, we saw so many half-hit wonders and gimmicks surface. It was all about radio and now it’s all about the Internet and visual awareness. It was more about passion when I first started; now, it’s about whatever a person can do to get 15 minutes of fame. The record companies are folding, sh*t is just getting weirder and weirder. It used to be more about chasing the dream than chasing the check. Hell, and they ain’t cutting them anything like they used, too. Your new mixtape, Boss B*tch Music 4, just dropped, the series has seemed to successfully build
momentum, if you would say.

Rasheeda: I’m looking for it to take my movement worldwide. If I have to do it 10 fans at a time, it doesn’t matter long as I get there. The series is building my brand, bringing people into my world and showcasing my music and with each release my fan base gets bigger and bigger and that’s ultimately what I want growth. There are suddenly a lot of female emcees coming up in Hip-Hop with the likes of Iggy Azalea, Azalea Banks, Kreayshawn, and of course, Nicki Minaj, Diamond, yourself, and others.

Rasheeda: If you pay attention to Hip-Hop over the years, there has always been a female era at one time or another, and it has come to surface again. With the success of Nicki Minaj, it has really shined the light on female MCs now. It’s all about what we do while the light shines. I also think people are ready to hear something else beside the male Hip-Hop artists and definitely wanna see some sex appeal... little t*tty and *ss [laughter]. You have managed to maintain and increase you fan base on your own over time in a business
that can be very here today, gone tomorrow. What is it about you and your music that you think
fans attract to?

Rasheeda: The realness, I just talk real sh*t and in the process I uplift, motivate and give people a sense of truth and inspiration. I make them dance, I make them think, I empower, and I reassure women that we are worthy and strong. Plus, I keep it 'hood. What's next for Rasheeda this year?

Rasheeda: A lot more musically. I will release an album this year, too. I also have several television opportunities I’m working on. I just launched my website and I’m looking to expand that. This year a lot more people will know Rasheeda and that’s for sure.

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