Artist: Bone CrusherTitle: AttenCHUN!Rating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Phee

ATTENCHUN! Well, it worked didn't it? Bone Crusher, protégé to Jermaine

Dupri, does a great job of making us believe that he is truly, no pun

intended, the next big thing. However, the sizeable southern rapper’s debut album AttenCHUN! (So So Def/Arista) gets an “A” for electric hooks but the overall CD receives a failing grade.

On the road to being a hip-hop scholar, Bone Crusher delivers the club banger "Never Scared", which solicits the help of fellow Atlanta rappers Killer Mike and T.I. With it’s pulsing horns and speaker shaking bass it has successfully

become the newest regional anthem sure to get the party crunk. His cocky, cantankerous and animated delivery succeeds in gearing you up for a

meaningful performance. However, what you soon realize is Bone's true

talent is providing a hypnotic hook. He wants you to know "it's all about this money, ain't nothin funny", he is tired of the bullshit, and ready to dethrone all you

hoes. So back up before you get hurt or better yet crushed! As the album prolongs, you are bound to lose focus with the redundant lyrics and monotonous harmonies on tracks like "Grippin

the Grain", “Puttin’ In Work” and oh yeah, "Gettin' It (Get The Money). If the

titles sound the same, well, basically it is because the content is the same.

For a debut album he did a wonderful job of rounding up southern elitists such as Goodie Mob and Lil' Jon to provide substance to match his charisma.

Unfortunately, Bone Crusher does not get the honor of joining that elitist club and instead

remains a freshman in the hip-hop game. Hopefully. Mr. Dupri steps up and gives him some

more money to get some new tracks next time. Or better yet, someone will provide

him with a couple of remixes so that he can keep our attention a

little while longer.