Welcome to's Beat Melee!!The Beat Melee is a battle between community members who will use their best musical maneuvers and tactics to claim Beat supremacy. The Beat Melee is a weekly battle judged by the community. The rules are as follows.Contestants must* Be members of's community ( If not, sign up with us)* Not be a professional or signed producer with industry placements* Submit three of your strongest, original, musical compositions/Beats to In the subject line please include "The Beat Melee." Submissions should be in Mp3 format and each beat should be no longer than 1 minute. Beats may include hooks, but no full verses. Any less or more than three beats will not be considered.* Submit beats each Saturday between the hours of 1pm and 3pm EST. So all my UK, Asian, and African beatmakers, get your timezone correct. Any submissions outside of that time frame will not be considered valid. Beat submissions from a previous week will also not be considered. If you feel strongly about your submission, continue to submit as long as it's within the allotted time restriction. * Complete the form below within the e-mail textName: ( The producer name you go by)Community Name: ( The username you login with)Hometown: ( Where you are reppin')Main weapon of choice: ( What is your main tool or equipment)Length in the game: ( How long you've been doing beats)Brief Description of yourself: ( No more than 4 sentences. You may include your myspace address, but no other promotional text)Each submission will be critiqued by a team and in the first week, the two contestants with the strongest beats will be selected to compete in the first battle on Wednesday February 6th, 2008. After the first "Beat Melee" one contestant each week will be chosen to take on the champion from the previous week. A champion can claim four victories before being crowned with supremacy and immortalized in the Beat Melee Hall of Fame. Beats will be Judged on:Creativity: The drum patterns, the instrument flow, the vibe.Originality: Is this different or just the Timberland, Kanye, Neptunes, rip-off!!?Marketability: Can we imagine someone rhyming or singing on this beat? Structure: Changes, bridges, hooks etc.. The winner each Wednesday is determined by the community votes in the comment section. Members may also comment on the beats and provide creative,constructive, positive feedback. Members may comment as many times as they like, but their vote will only be counted once. Official winners will be announced every Friday along with any additional instructions for weekly submissions.This is for all the producers on that comment in the music section that the beats are lame and need changes. This is for all the producers that post their Myspace addresses hoping to get a look. Jump in the Melee and get your battle on!!!* By submitting to the "Beat Melee" you certify that you are the original creator and owner of the works and compositions submitted. You also agree that has your permission to post the music you submit and will not be held liable in the event of any claims of copyright infringement or any other litigation pertaining to your submission. If you do not agree to these terms, do not participate.