Artist: P.O.STitle: AuditionRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Paine

In 1991, Public Enemy and Anthrax made history iby remixing "Bring tha Noise". The effort fused two cultures, Metal and hip-hop, that long stood side-by-side, but never on the same block of cement. Fifteen years later, Minnesota's P.O.S combines the cultures for an anger-driven, lyrically clever Audition (Rhymesayers) for the legions of Twin Cities fans looking for another self-made indie star. The Doomtree stand-out's album may speak louder to rhythm savvy Punk fans than Hip-Hoppers, but it's a guilty pleasure for all.

"P.O.S. is Ruining My Life" is a stellar confessional. P.O.S, like Joe Budden, admits that he struggles to maintain a relationship with his father, moments before generalizing women of waiting on the next best thing in life. Though he's ranty and self-absorbed, P.O.S uses universal issues, and offers a delivery that mixes the timing and style of Punk, but with the avant-garde egoism of hip-hop. Holdsteady singer Craig Finn drops in on "Safety on Speed" which begins as a diatribe on the film, "Predator", before evolving to a song about disappointment in general. Things like this are hard to take seriously, which is what separates P.O.S's songs from the usual "woe-is-me" rapper

Musically, this is the first project besides MM...Food?, that Rhymesayers has made without relying on Atmosphere beat-maker Ant to wax some Soul. Instead, choppy guitar and break collages by Lazerbreak and Sims, mixed with DJ Turbo Nemesis' cuts create new dimensions. Though Little Brother fans may cover their ears, lovers of Cage and Anti-Pop Consortium should be delightfully pleased.