"Awkward Black Girl" Star Issa Rae Tours Country On a Quest for Success

If you have access to YouTube, then you've definitely heard of "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl", a series created by Stanford graduate, Issa Rae.

The series follows J, played by Rae, who often finds herself in awkward situations involving men, her co-workers, and all types of uncomfortable situations young people experience. In the series, she finds solace in her love interest, White Jay, who's almost as awkward as her.

In a recent interview, Issa revealed that the show has allowed her to travel across the country. Colleges and universities are able to book Rae and her team to come speak about the show, financing your own projects, and even a candid and revealing Q&A. She also speaks on signing with production company and the future of the show.

Check out the "Awkward Black Girl" herself in the video below: