Back 2 Da Basics

Artist: Yo GottiTitle: Back 2 Da BasicsRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Anthony Carr

With the surging of Southern Hip-Hop's influence within the last year or so, many artists from cities like Houston, Atlanta, and Memphis have been trying to gain even more national attention. North Memphis' own Yo Gotti hopes to take advantage of the Southern renaissance with his new release Back 2 Da Basics (TVT) and gain the visibility that could give him the status of a Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Lil Jon, et al.

Back 2 Da Basics mixes mainstream, radio friendly, street, and party style songs that will surely grab listener's ears. The Fate Eastwood produced "I Got Them" features Cash Money's Lil Wayne & Baby riding a bass heavy track that is sure to please car audio enthusiasts. All three artists carry the track perfectly with Baby shockingly coming correct. The album has many gems that are fated to have the replay button mashed over and over again. "Gangsta Party", with southern vets Bun B and Eightball, is one of those standouts. Blending a smooth bass-line, claps, and a perfectly sampled Marvin Gaye, the trio handles the track with ease. Jazzy Pha returns to his Memphis roots on "A Part of Thugs", giving Gotti a chance to show his ability to tell a story.

Yo Gotti, a savvy veteran even if you're not familiar with him, has put in work on Back 2 Da Basics. But despite its commercial appeal, the album's downfall is the fillers. Songs like "U A Gansta Rite" and "I'm a Thug" suffer from the same topic, different beat syndrome. Otherwise Yo Gotti gives those that are willing to listen a solid listening experience. Since all eyes seem to be on the South at the moment, hopefully sticking to the basics will have listeners looking for more.