Back Like Cooked Crack 3: Fiend Out

Artist: Juelz SantanaTitle: Back Like Cooked Crack 3: Fiend OutRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Bill "Low-Key" Heinzelman

Can't wait until November 22 for Juelz Santana's sophomore album, What The Game's Been Missing? Don't fret Dipset addicts; Juelz has your fix with his latest mixtape, Back Like Cooked Crack 3: Fiend Out. Following in the long line of memorable Dipset mixtapes, Fiend Out is an impressive collection of new songs, with a few freestyles sprinkled about. The self-proclaimed "human crack in the flesh" continues his development with his new effort, showing his improved lyricism and song making. In fact, Fiend Out's standout songs are arguably better than just about anything on his disappointing debut album.

In vintage Dipset form, Juelz struts throughout the mixtape with his g'd up swagger. This is seen on "King Of NY" as he nimbly rides in and out of a swift but intense backdrop. Even though Juelz is an emcee never lacking confidence, in a refreshing move, he humbly passes on NYC's throne, stating, "That's not me/I'll let the rest of them fight for that/I'm just doing what I do best." Continuing the heat, "Murder," which samples Damien Marley's "Welcome To Jamrock," finds Juelz and Killa Cam firing off shots over an intense beat. The Black Sheep influenced "Pick It Up," is another fun and creative effort from Juelz, who possess uncanny charisma that draws you in as a listener, even though his content is thin at times. Thankfully, "Salute," which features Hell Rell, proves Juelz is capable of providing content driven music. Over a dazzling piano loop, Santana touches on slavery and the corruption of the prison system, as he states, "We wasn't born here, we was reeled in/Fuck a fishing rod/We was hit and whipped with nigger rods/Kicked and picking yards."

With the mixtape game oversaturated, Juelz Santana delivers a refreshing release that is actually worth your hard-earned money. With its focus on new and original material, Back Like Cooked Crack 3: Fiend Out should keep Dipset fans lined up around the block waiting for a hit.