Benjamin E - Circa '83

Introducing Benjamin E, a hot new hip hop producer born and raised in San Diego, California. Utilizing a lush, sample-based aesthetic to weave raw, unadulterated Hip Hop instrumentals from grown-ass soul, gritty rock, and nostalgic pop culture, Benjamin E blesses us with his debut album Circa 83.
As an infant, the only thing that would sooth him were the funky space-age melodies of Earth, Wind and Fire. His parents recognized his affinity for music and bought him a Yamaha DJX keyboard. While studying art and graphic design at San Diego State University, he explored foreign film and expanded his musical palette to include everything from DJ Shadow and Company Flow, to Radiohead, Daft Punk and Nine Inch Nails. In the end, it was his love of Hip Hop that motivated Benjamin E to contribute his art to the culture.
On August 11, Benjamin E officially drops his debut album Circa 83 with the premier of the hypnotic, sex-soaked single "NewDrug". Circa 83 is a conceptual beat-tape that takes the listener back to a time where quality and authenticity reigned supreme, and hip hop production was defined by innovative samples over old-fashioned breakbeats to create a sound that's both retro and progressive.

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