Bernadette Price Reveals Sean Price's Dark Side, Beefs After Death + What's Next

REST IN PEACE RUCK! Bernadette Price is a trooper, but she says life has been tough without​ her man Sean Price.

(AllHipHip Features) Sean Price is one of the rappers we all love. A rapper's rapper, he is highly regarded as one of the best that ever did it. He was thorough in the streets, on the mic and even tinged his personal brand with humor too. It has now been four years since the passing of the Brooklyn wordsmith and he remains on the forefront of our hearts and minds. Like, when that garbage Top 50 list didn't include Ruck, many cried foul.

Bernadette Price wasn't one of them. She knows her spouse's status and has been maintaining the legacy of her husband, through of myriad of ways. Clothing, music and more are on the horizon. Bernadette Price talks to Chuck Creekmur about her struggles on a number of fronts - from disrespectful rap dudes to dating to keeping the legacy alive.

RIP Sean Price!

Here are some excerpts with the interview at the bottom:

On the difference between Ruck and Sean Price:

"Him being Ruck was nasty. Disrespectful. The worst of the worst that you can think of. But, Sean Price was the man."

On new music:

"The Price of Fame, that's the one that's being worked on. Lil Fame (from M.O.P.) he produced most of the songs that's on there.

About Brownsville, Brooklyn:

"Its tough. There are so many projects compacted together. Peer pressure everywhere. You gotta fight for your spot. Fight for your clothes. Fight for your name. Its just..regular stuff whenever they put a bunch up people in the same area - low income housing. Some people do well and some people it is what it is."

On Sean Price's friendship with actor Ryan Phillippe***.***

"They clicked right away. They really liked each other as friends and he kept his word. You'd be surprised (who likes Sean Price)."

On dating after Sean Price:

"I've tried. Of course its never going to be the same. But my patience is short. These men these days are not men. They are moving like the females. They too sensitive. I'm always too hard."

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Hey mrs price im jamahal(Flaw3d By Natur3 )Bowie from Boston i meet Ruck (sean when i was 16 at Springfield job corps around the time his brother got killed he was one of my closest homies at that time his gift of word play encouraged me to step my poetry game up i till this day still remember one of his freestyle flow lines and im now 46 years aged liked good liquor though. Im deeply unraveled about his passing my plan is to roll a mixed tape off my chest inthe next couple of months titled Blessings and hard lessons the head line song will be called (Life aint priceless) i would like to send you a copy of tha mix tape for you aproval before i let it out he was one of tha greatest in my book Muhammad Ali status in tha game word .My project should be fully complete just before Thanksgiving i look forward to any and all comments about the project your husbands song life aint pricless will be sent to you by tha middle of september even if you are to pre occupied to reply i understand just know he had and still has love from Bean Town and now ocala and tampa florida as well to be brick wit cha anywhere in life i go and folk get to talking bout hip hop artist they dont and long as i live wont depart my company with out hearing bout Sean Price blessings to you and tha family


Rest In Peace Ruck!! If anybody never heard Rock's tribute to P??

Ruck had a solid ass female! Peace and Love...