Beyonce vs. Sasha Fierce

Beyoncé Knowles may hold a permanent residence at the top of the Pop charts, but her private life has been everything but popularized. We've learned bits and pieces about Mrs. Carter's life through her music and whatever tiny nuggets we are fed from the news. Beyoncé's next release I AM...Sasha Fierce promises the both sides of Beyoncé as told through her songs. I AM represents the heart of Beyoncé - the girl she is deep down. Sasha Fierce is the diva, the party starter, the baddest chick you know. In anticipation of Bey's new release, we have chronicled her past hits and who was on the track. Was it Beyoncé or was it Sasha Fierce? It would appear that most of the time we've been meeting Sasha Fierce, at least judging by Beyonce's hits off her past two releases [Dangerously In Love and B'Day]. But you be the judge, who have you come to know: Beyoncé Knowles or Sasha Fierce?"Crazy In Love"Crazy In Love - Beyoncé;Jay-ZRich Harrison's horn heavy production OD'ed on speed as the happy couple flowed on the track. "Crazy in Love" was our first solo taste of Beyoncé when she stepped away from being Destiny's Child's frontwoman. Who AM I? Sasha Fierce"Me, Myself, and I"Me, Myself And I - BeyoncéNow rumor has it this song was about another well known MC. We'll keep the drama out of this, but this battlecry of independence was slick yet vulnerable. And given the theory of who it's about, it sounds quite personal.Who AM I? Beyoncé Knowles"Baby Boy"Baby Boy - BeyonceGotta give up to Bey...she managed to squeeze out the 15 minutes remaining in Sean Paul's superstar career before he started drifting into obscurity. This dancehall/mid eastern tinged track sounded like a snake charmer in locks and was pretty damn catchy. Who AM I? Sasha Fierce"Dangerously In Love"Dangerously In Love - BeyoncéOnce again, a song rumored to be directed at a different rapper. However, this song was a second look from a previous Destiny's Child song. This Part 2 was full of love, but filled with fear and a little too intense to not be about somebody.Who AM I? Beyoncé Knowles"Naughty Girl"Naughty Girl - BeyonceMost men probably wish this song is true, but the only one who can solve that mystery is Hov. "Naughty Girl" was a surprising single given how many came off Bey's solo debut. It was still smooth...with Usher getting snaked on in the video.Who AM I? Sasha Fierce"03 Bonnie & Clyde"03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay-Z ft. BeyonceThis song get special mention as it appeared on both The Blueprint 2 and Dangerously In Love import albums. While the song portrays quite the (for lack of a better word) fierce Bonnie to Jay-Z's Clyde, the song was half an innuendo of the pair's journey through the industry together.Who AM I? Beyoncé Knowles"Deja Vu"Beyonce - Deja VuOnce again a happy couple track. Darkchild kinda jacked Rich Harrison's horns, which is why many considered this an extension of "Crazy In Love" despite the fact that it was a completely different producer and album. The song still bumped.Who AM I? Sasha Fierce"Get Me Bodied"Get Me Bodied - BeyoncéThe video for "Get Me Bodied" had the rumor mill a'churnin' as all the members of Destiny's Child were present plus Solange and the DC quartet theory began. Who AM I? Sasha Fierce"Ring the Alarm"Ring The Alarm - BeyonceBeyoncé lost her damn mind at this point. Whoops, we mean Sasha. Who AM I? Sasha Fierce"Irreplaceable"Irreplaceable - BeyoncéTo the left to the left. While "Irreplaceable" became the anthem for many ladies in '07, the track possessed both an "I Don't Give a F*ck" attitude on behalf of Beyoncé but was she warning Jay-Z if his little Hov left home for a night what the consequences would be? Who knows.Who AM I? Beyoncé Knowles and Sasha Fierce