Big Boi: Introducing Sir Luscious Left Foot

Sixteen years, six albums and

six Grammy Awards later, Big Boi is finally venturing out on his own completely

and is ready to usher in the funk with his highly anticipated solo album, Sir

Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

Sir Luscious speaks to

AllHipHop and breaks down the get down. Who is he Sir

Luscious Left Foot?

Big Boi: Sir Luscious Left

Foot is a Soul Funk Crusader. Um, C with a circle around it. That’s mine,

copyright that. Soul Funk Crusader and we are just here to really spread the

essence of the funk. You know? I mean really to shake the game up and really

bring some excitement back to it. And The Son of Chico Dusty, that’s also me.

Chico Dusty was my father and he was one of the first musical influences in my

life. You know, I remember being a little boy and sitting in his lap while he

was driving his new iRoc. When he came home from the service and playing Run-DMC “Rock

Box”. I was (makes wheel motion as if he was driving) got to driving. That was

like one of the first times I ever heard some rap music. What was your

thought process going into this album?

Big Boi: My thought process

was basically, you know, the same as it’s been since Outkast first started is

to come in and make the funkiest music possible. To the best of my ability

deliver this funk to the people. We take this music thing very seriously. It’s

no playing. No jokes. That’s why it takes time for us to make albums. I just

wanted to really come in and make the best music possible. That’s the approach.

That’s been the formula from day one.

Big Boi Talks About His Relationship To Andre 3000

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Who are some

of the features you have on the album?

Big Boi: Um, features?

Features. I don’t really like to call it features, I like to call it sprankles.

Like, I use different artists as just different

ingredients, cause sometimes I might not even have artist put a whole verse on

there. Like I got a song on the album with B.O.B. where he’s just on the hook.

I did a song with Jamie Foxx. T.I.’s on there. Andre 3000. As well as Gucci

Mane, George Clinton and Too $hort. Just all added in ingredients. What producers

did work with on this album?

Big Boi: The producers I

worked with on this album, of course Organized Noize. The producers I’ve worked

with on just about everything, Outkast albums/songs from day one up until

today. Lil’ John. Salaam Remi, I worked with Salaam Remi. Scott Storch. As well

as myself, I produce as well. My team is Boom Boom Room Productions. Got my boy

J Beatz and my crew Royal Flush. Um, yeah! Heat! Heat? It’s

gonna be fire?

Big Boi: (Says confidently)

Man, look. Hey. When is the

album scheduled to be officially released?

Big Boi: The album comes out

July the 6th. So, that’s two days after the fourth of July, so after

you’ve ate those cold a** ribs and polished off that ol’ chicken, gonna and

scrape that tater salad bowl clean cause Tuesday you gonna get some fresh new

music. So yea, we finna have fun, it’s gonna be hot outside. One thing about

that, I love it, I love it. It’s gon’ be super hot. I don’t think we ever had a

chance to drop in the summer time. Do you think

it’s gonna be an album for the cookouts?

Big Boi: Oh, most definitely!

Oh yea! Cookouts, pool parties, aw man! What would you

say your current relationship with Andre 3000 is?

Big Boi: Um, my current

relationship with Dre? That’s my brother. That’s gonna always be my brother.

That’s my homeboy, my partner in rhyme and that’s what it is. Outkast is

everlasting, it’s to the dirt, ya know? He actually just produced a new cut on

my album. A song with me and a new cat by the name of YelaWolf. Can we expect a

new Outkast album?

Big Boi: That’s top secret.

That’s top secret. Anything Outkast, that’s top secret boy. Dre 3000 said

(mimics zipping his lips) zip it. Don’t tell em’ nothin' yet. What is one of

your favorite songs you’ve ever recorded to date, if anything?

Big Boi: Woo, that’s a hard

one. Um, it’s been so much. I mean, as of today um, I gotta say one of my

favorites just because when we perform it in a show, it’s ridiculous, is “Bombs

Over Baghdad”. Love that. It’s power music. It’s energizing, it’s refreshing.

So just anything to get the crowd pumped up, that’ll be one of them. Define

conscious rap.

Big Boi: Conscious rap. I

guess conscious rap to me would be um, rap that is socially aware of what’s

happening in the world that’s gonna state strong points politically as well as

just life in general. I mean what you believe in. But you know, they shut you

down when you speak from you heart. You know, it’s hard to do that out here.

Like you can be conscious all day, you can tell them what’s happening. You

know, but, they ain’t bout to play that s**t. I’m telling you. What are your

thoughts on Southern rap and what it’s done for Hip Hop?

Big Boi: I think Southern rap

from my perspective is [Southern rap] kinda opening it up to not have so many

boundaries. One thing the ‘Kast has done, we’ve blown all the boundaries away

from what we do, you know like, as far as we’re concerned, you can’t put us in

a category. You know, I could reside over here on the Hip-Hop side or I can

reside over here on the Funk side, I can reside on the Rock side, on the Soul

side or wherever I wanna be because we do all types of music. We don’t discriminate

against music. So I can say our contribution to music has really been to kinda

blow boundaries away. Like let people just be yourself and whatever you dope

at, do it!

Sir Luscious Left Foot:

The Son Of Chico Dusty is scheduled

for release on July 6, 2010. Follow Big Boi on Twitter @therealbigboi.