Big Boi Talks Lyricism & How People Get Freestyling Confused

"Trying to outdo the last verse is our curse" - Andre 3000AllHipHop sat down with Big Boi of OutKast and got the legendary rapper's views on lyricism and the art of freestyling.

As told to"Lyricism is very important to me because I come from The Dungeon Family, school of lyrics. You know, um, do I consider myself a lyricist? Um, most definitely! A lyricist, a writer, I’m just, what you call it? I’m like a life coach almost a lil’ bit. Commentator. I’m a game spitter, definitely! It’s part of what we do, take pride in really writing rhymes and having different cadences and thangs. One thing about me and Stacks (Andre 300), we never try to do the same verse we’ve done. Like Dre said uh, tryna out do the last verse is out curse. The last verse you buss you gotta buss harder than that. So you gotta treat everything that you did in the past like that past and move on. It’s very challenging to make up new rhyme patterns and just to kill s**t on the daily but we doing it and we ready!" 

As told to "Let me say one thing about free-styling. There’s a new school definition of free-styling and then it’s a real definition of free-styling. The definition of free-styling is raps or thoughts off the top of your head, not written down, your homeboy can’t say your backgrounds behind you while you say it. It’s strictly like for me to just go off the top of my head and even talk about the paper that you got. Or you can talk about the skirt with flowers (kicks a freestyle) See what I mean? You can go off into a tangent if you want to.

?Like, the new style free-styling is just reciting some s**t you wrote. No, but that’s what the f**k they doin’. Nah’m sayin? You can do that all day long. Like, I’ll give you one. This s**t wrote. (spits a verse) But that’s what they be doing. That’s some s**t on my album. That Daddy Fat Sacks verse 2 n***a. Go get it! July 6th, Son of Chico Dusty, Sir Luscious Left Foot, Yea!"