Big Dreams, Art & Fashion Dreams Collide At Black Tie Gala In Delaware!

Art, Fashion and Dreams intercept and intersect at the University of Delaware on Oct. 7!

(AllHipHop Features) Fall is here and this is the time when inevitably people begin to settle into what is next to come. With the New Year on the horizon, big thoughts populate the minds of the ambitious. A true goal-getter knows now is the only time that matters. “Dream Big- Where Art & Fashion Dream Together” is a Black-tie gala that is coming to the University of Delaware and will highlight a rich supply of talented artists and fashion mavens. The event is being presented by Janieka Brown of Lee Brandon Christopher Studios and UD's School of Fashion. The entities will celebrate art, fashion and scholarship in the heart of Newark. Some of the proceeds will also go to those in need.

Artists Demitrius "Motions" Bullock, Terrance Vann join Janieka Brown in a candid interview about the arts, fashion and what happens when they all collide in one location. The event will take place on October 7, 2017 at the University of Delaware. More info at the bottom of this interview.

AllHipHop: First of all, what inspired your to do this event and what do you mean when you say "where art and fashion dream together"?

Janieka Brown: I really have a love and appreciation for art, fashion and the creative process that goes into bringing an artistic vision into fruition. This is an event where aspiring artists and fashion designers who dream of attaining the next level of success can forge their ideas and work ethic into a joint collaboration. I truly hope the event benefits so many in Delaware as the intended purpose is giving back to artists in pursuit of their dreams. A portion of the proceeds collected will go towards art related activities and programs in Wilmington, Delaware as well as The University of Delaware's School of Fashion student organization (Synergy Fashion Group). There are many children and young adults in Delaware dreaming about a career in the Arts but may not know how to go about attaining those dreams or have the resources to pursue those dreams. This is simply my contribution to help and assist them in reaching their goals.

Why in Delaware?

Earlier this year, I came across The University of Delaware's school of fashion student group: Synergy Fashion Group. I watched and their fashion show on YouTube and was extremely impressed with their creative designs. In meeting some of the members from the group, I was made aware that many of the also had a love and passion for art as well. From there, I sought to bring art and fashion together for this showcase in our State. In addition, while in the process of organizing this showcase, I have come across so many artists with the state with minimal backing or promotion who have been looking for an outlet to showcase their work. It is my hope that this opportunity will help their artistic visions be seen by the art community in Delaware.

What is the scene like there, Terrance:

Terrance Vann: The scene here is one that is growing. I remember when I first started having shows in Wilmington there was nothing really happening and the art scene seemed stagnant not because of a lack of talent but alot of artists didn't believe it was possible to have big shows here. After organizing like 10 shows that year I met tons of artists and we all started to connect the dots to make a new culture in the city. My first show was 2 years ago and Ive been able to pioneer alot in the city because of a new appreciation and renewed love for the arts here in Wilmington."

Demitrius "Motions" Bullock: The art scene in Delaware from my perspective is that it's beginning to thrive. People have taken a general interest in artists and their work. The downside has been the advertisement of events. The word doesn't seem to get out as it should.

How this event is unique compared to other visual experiences.

For me, this is a labor of love Chuck. I have been painstakingly adding talent to the showcase, piece by piece over the last several months. I am ensuring that each artist added a diverse offering to the show. The show will feature a plethora of diversity down to the art styles on display to people creating the art and the type of crowds their art attracts respectively. Everyone in the show is creative in their own different way and that dynamic will create such a unique experience. I refused to be afraid of boundaries and I didn't even acknowledge them.

Terrance Vann: This event is unique in the fact that it is blending a bunch of elements together and having a diverse roster of artists. I think alot of folks will be excited to see how the different styles and perspectives come together under one roof.

Demitrius "Motions" Bullock: For me, this is special in the collaboration of artists and the combination of the fashion show. The room is going to be filled with creativity. I'm looking forward to the show and being around so many talented individuals.

What made you get into such a competitive space?

Fear! When the concept came to me, I dared myself to follow bringing this "dream" about. In spite of the challenges and being fairly new to this world, I am driven to make the show a success!

What do you think of the state of the arts and fashion?

I think there is still a lack of diversity on the grand stage. In addition, there are a lot of unsung, talented artists and fashion designers who have been denied the opportunity to showcase their dreams because their identity may not be as prominent as well-known artists. Most of them that I meet are not looking for anything free, but just want to have the opportunity to be seen on a bigger stage. I hope this show gives them that opportunity.

Talk about the overall theme of this show. What do you want people to walk away thinking?

Art is Great: Invest in it, embrace the beauty in diversity and appreciate it. Behind every great painting, photo, or design, there is a wonderful story to be told. This is how artists speak to us: Through their work.

Last words or things you would like to add?

Please join us on October 7th for a wonderful evening!

Terrance Vann: My goal when I create art is to make it a one of a kind experience just to look at a piece and take it all in. I like to shift the viewers to a whole other place that can unlock their minds and make them think differently. I call my style "Terranceism" because I have developed my own aesthetic over the years with how I use colors and put vibes together so even though the painting is standing still it can take you for a ride that you want more of since you haven't seen anything else like it. My goal is to be the best artist alive and have my work in history books one day as someone who pushed the culture forward and broke barriers.

A Celebration of Art with renowned artist showcasing and selling art.
A Celebration of music with live Jazz at the evening show.
A Celebration of Fashion with original designs.
A Celebration of diversity.
A Celebration of scholarship.

“Dream Big- Where Art & Fashion Dream Together” takes place on October 7, 2017. There will be two Shows: 3:00pm to 6:00pm will be Semi-Formal and 7:00pm to 10:00pm will be Black Tie. The event will take place at Clayton Hall located on the beautiful campus of the University of Delaware (100 David Hollowell Dr. Newark, DE 19716). For more information go to, or click here .


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Shirley Ju