Biggie Remembered: A Poem

A legend, Christopher Wallace a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G. is considered by many to be one of the greatest MC’s to ever touch a mic. Involved in the most infamous rap beef to date, he was brutally gunned down on March 9, 1997. Like his friend turned foe Tupac Shakur, his death was a shock to the nation of Hip-Hop, and the world. Eight years later, we still two-step to his hits, and dissect his lyrics, but along with paying respect to his talents and skills we must also not forget to acknowledge the tragedy of his death and continue our efforts to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

-Amanda Diva

Long Live the King

~for B.I.G.

The crown wasn’t always worn by Jay Z

Before him the king of NYC was B.I.G.

Beyond the east

And his legacy is deeper than dyin’ for beef

You best believe all emcees since the early 90’s

Owe respect to the one who lived notoriously

It’s a tragedy that kids these days don’t know his true abilities

All they hear is “One More Chance” and “Biggie can’t you see”

They don’t know “Party and Bulls**t” or the remix to “Dolly My Baby’

S**t, shorty on the Da Band didn’t even know the words to “Juicy”

There’s a reason Jay says a B.I. line in damned near every rhyme

And why even with a Mohawk Puff can hold his head high

Cause real n***as do real things

And Christopher Wallace was a true kingpin

Heads fiend for a single can’t even dream about a classic

But he dropped two back to back before he laid in his casket

And that’s a feat that can’t be ignored

Regardless of any mics, Grammy’s or charts on Billboard

So as the torch gets passed to a new generation

Of rap phenoms and overnight sensations

We gotta lick a shot for the famous Frank White

The playa president who flipped the game to end his hustler’s plight

The Black male misunderstood

Who made it to the Hamptons out of his Brooklyn hood

Cause s**t ain’t all good as I look at the madness currently goin’ on

Cats quote his rhymes but act like they don’t remember why he’s gone

These n***as work so hard to get from the streets to the stage

But still wanna act like they slangin’ work to get paid

Big was slain on this day eight years past

And heads is still tryin’ to live the streets on and off wax

Fact is we already know how it goes

And I don’t wanna have more stories to tell about fallen Hip-Hop heroes

One of my life’s biggest regrets is never hearin’ him say “baby baby” in the flesh

One of the best I wear his face with pride on my chest

B.I. we weren’t ready for you die

But through them hits, your spirit’s kept alive long after your death

North, South, East, West, put up your deuces and pour out some liquor

for the nicest MC

Ya’ll know the steelo rest in peace to Mr. “Unbelievable”

© 2005 Amanda Diva All Rights Reserved