Bisc1: When Electric Night Falls

Massachusetts, by way of Connecticut, graffiti artist turned MC, Bisc1 moved to the Big Apple over a decade ago. He quickly made a name for himself spinning in clubs and distributing mixtapes in and around local neighborhood hotspots. After winning several Rap battles, Bisc 1 finally released his first commercial project The Basics.

The EP quickly garnered praise from Hip-Hop critics and connoisseurs alike. In 2007, his follow up tape, The Stay Up Project, was equally acclaimed, and helped to set the stage for what has become his anticipated, full-length debut, When Electric Nights Fall (Embedded Music).

The album opens with the bass driven “Nightfall,” where the line "Chill for a second you’re now cruising with Bisc," will still resonate long after this three minute long ditty ends. “Turbulence” is an eerie number which speaks on the importance of making right choices. “Pandemonium” is a slow head knodder that stresses the fact that "Life is a gift to be enjoyed every second.”

Although the cameos come courtesy of virtual unknowns, they still are just as talented as any established act could hope to be. "Fire N Ice" showcases the haunting vocal stylings of Mariella, and the MeresTD4 assisted “Strange Love,” wins with its hypnotic Middle Eastern sound bed.

Elsewhere, there’s the hard hitting quasi-political, “Another Day,” the emotional ode to love “Unconditional,” and the closing narrative entitled “Great Escape;” where Bisc1, in full storyteller mode, dreams of leaving his monotonous daily routine.

Overall, When Electric Nights Fall is a twelve track smorgasbord of beats and rhymes that satisfy. With only a couple of small missteps, (“Parallels” and “Sidelines”) this album is sure to become a gem in anyone’s collection.