Bizzy Bone Breaks Down His Cash Money Deal

Hello, this the first of many releases from yours truly. This is Bizzy Bone formerly of Bone Thugs n Harmony.

I say formerly for reasons I’ll later reveal.So the press release is not taken out of context let me clear up the Cash Money issue right now before jealousy of the playa hata’s sets in.Actually the discussion I had was about how Cash Money, Young Money, G-Unit, Bad Boy and similar labels have SURPASSED MAJOR LABELS in marketing and promotion and all out record sales in the industry.My view was seeing how Bone Thugs n Harmony (in my eyes a mega legendary group) has been placed in a losing situation.This is the reason why I (BizzyBone) decided to go on my own and deal with labels of the Cash Money nature.To me it would be the ideal label for the likes of myself or even the entire Bone Thugs n Harmony group.Cash Money, Young Money and such labels as this know how to treat a artist. Whether the artist has been in the industry for a decade or brand new to the system.They (Cash Money, Young Money, G Unit etc.) respect the artist position and know how to market and promote a top caliber artist(s). :Basically to keep a artist hot: The label has to believe in them and clean them up so they shine like the pristine diamond (10 million + copies) sellers that they’ve accomplished. Instead these major labels put huge names on the roster for looks and investments. Treating a artist like shit , but bigging them up towards investors for larger budgets and when its goes down hill the blame is on the artist(s) or group(s). That makes the artist(s) value go down lower and lower and puts forth a black cloud over them that only talent and perseverance can dissipate. Only Lyor Cohen (from my studies and research) truly understands this fact.Labels like Cash Money, Young Money, G-Unit have continuously showed majors THERE IS NO RECESSION!This is simply a excuse for majors to sit on their asses and control who’s hot and who’s not. Whether their endorsement of who’s hot is mediocre or flat out shitty (with enough radio and hype any artist can look successful) yall know who they are no need to call em out. Playa gotta eat.With Barack Obama being the first black president and jobs in MAINSTREAM AMERICA declining, this was a opportune time to feed the Hip Hop community this (Recession) fallacy. Remember HIP HOP COVERS THE GLOBE NOT JUST MAINSTREAM AMERICA! There is enough money for everyone. Lil’ Wayne 1 mill + in 1 week, Drake 450,000 + in oneWith them under the Cash Money umbrella I can see how people can misinterpret my comments.With the recent sales of Bone Thugs, mediocre at best, I feel it is a must to stand up for my brothers, regardless of me being a solo artist since 1998 contractually, they still my muh~f**ken dude’s. So I’m standing for them and others caught in that dark place. With Bone I learned to separate Business and pleasure, friendship and personal. Those are my golden rules towards the brothers.So that was the discussion. Basically Cash Money has the upmost respect from me along with their offsprings and affiliates.BABY, SLIM, FIDDY, DIDDY (Sean Combs), bless yall for yall continuous work in the Hip Hop community. I see yall and appreciate you all as well as the others whom follow in yall footsteps. I’m 44 records deep and even celebrity rehab won’t take me? (Some humor)Also I’m not trying to have any falsehood statements or press releases out there. Thank ALLHIPHOP.COM for getting this straight. Very reputable of you and expedient.Lock down Love Lil Wayne. The entire Hip Hop community eagerly awaits your return.Peace,Bizzy the Kid(yall remember used to be in Bone Thugs n Harmony?)P.S. I was asked by the group to not go on tour because I negotiated my own show money that’s why I wasn’t there.Long Live Child Support BUCK BUUUUUUUCK!