Blood Raw: Closing The Deal

In a world where we expect rappers to really be criminals (or, at least be former criminals) Blood Raw has a street resume second to none. Read as he gives, in an exclusive, the details surrounding the nature of his federal conspiracy charge—a charge that he beat on his own.But beyond this criminality lies a focused, hard-working man devoted to his son. Though it may surprise some to learn his child is a star in his own right (with guest spots on Chicken ‘N’ Beer and Release Therapy, respectively), he’s adamantly decided to let the boy have a childhood—something Blood never really had. Watching his mother die of a drug overdose, combining with a father who was never around, turned his life around for the worse. Raw’s devotion to his son played a huge role in turning around for the better.It’s no secret Blood’s had his share of trials and tribulations. But a new one awaits: As its first act, with My Life: The True Testimony dropping June 17th can the Panama City, FL native turn Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) into a dynasty, going beyond the scope of its famous founder? Read his It must be kind of special for your son to see his daddy take off with his career. How does he feel about you just doing big things?Blood Raw: He’s a wonderful child. If it wasn’t for me wanting him to enjoy his childhood, he could be a overnight superstar. He did the Chicken ‘N’ Beer album when he was three years old. He done Release Therapy when he was five. How did that happen?Blood Raw: Ludacris is his godfather, so he worked with him a lot. We’ve even sat down and talked about him signing to DTP and things like that but I really want him to enjoy his childhood because I just know how this business is, and it’s real funny.

“At the end of the day, people want to hear what I have to say. If they wanted to hear what Jeezy had to say, then they can buy a Jeezy

album...but Blood Raw is his own guy.” It’s interesting—you have a relationship with Ludacris; TI was interested [in signing you]; but ultimately you chose Jeezy. What did he bring to the table that made you choose to go with him?Blood Raw: I just strategically sat down and thought about it. TI wanted to sign me; Trick wanted to sign me; Universal as well as Asylum. Even with the TI situation he had P$C and Young Dro and all those artists. Trick had his situation that was going on with Slip-N-Slide—they had [established] artists already. So when I’d seen the Young Jeezy situation, I knew from the beginning that he was gonna need a go-to artist if his project would come out to be successful. Between Kink and Jeezy, they let me know what they was trying to do with CTE. Because I knew that, like I said, they needed a go-to artist and that go-to artist will be the first [to] come out on the label imprint of CTE. I was presented to the world in a group first, and now I’m getting ready for my solo project. So I would say that my setup was very, very good and now I’m able to let the world know what Blood Raw has to say.I actually was the first artist signed to CTE. Straight up. They just let me know that they wanted to make CTE a brand that was gonna be here for a minute. They know that I’ve been doing my thing, and I have my following in the streets. They just really want to take me to that next level—to that national Tell me now about the album. Is Jeezy all over it?Blood Raw: No. He’s not all over it. Jeezy’s on one song. It’s called “Louie.” I have Lyfe Jennings on a song called “Tryin To Get Home.” I have Trina on a song called “What’s Happenig,” and I have Slick on a song called “F**k You.” I got production from The Runners, Mannie Fresh, Justice League, Drumma Boy, Midnight Black…so the album is crazy. Why only one song with Jeezy? Blood Raw: I mean, Blood Raw is his own man. At the end of the day, people want to hear what I have to say. If they wanted to hear what Jeezy had to say, then they can buy a Jeezy album, you feel me? But Blood Raw is his own guy. He’s able to stand on his You’ve quoted Jay-Z. “Even though the DA tried to box Blood Raw in, somehow he beat those charges like Rocky.” Elaborate on that.Blood Raw: In January 2006, I was getting ready to go to the passport office. We was about to leave the country to go to the UK. Jeezy had a tour over there. I think it was 26 show dates over there. So I was getting ready to get the passport, and I was picked up at the passport office by federal agents on a conspiracy warrant—a conspiracy indictment out of my hometown, Panama City, Florida. So, you know, to make a long story short, I had to go back and face that. It was something that happened years ago. They all say that your past kinda tends to haunt you. I had to go through the whole situation of going through a conspiracy case, and I was acquitted four months later. I went to trial. Ten guys who were my so-called friends…who’ve kept my son, who’ve been in my house, all these type of things—got on the stand and pointed me out. But by the grace of God, I was able to overcome the whole situation, you know. I’m here And what was the actual charge? Was it racketeering?Blood Raw: It was Conspiracy to do what?Blood Raw: Conspiracy to [distribute /possess] 20 keys of Now, are you playing that element up in your music? Are you downplaying it? Are you marketing yourself that way?Blood Raw: I mean, nah. My whole situation is…my album is called My Life: The True Testimony, and it’s pretty much about everything I’ve been through in my life. From being in a family with my mother dying of a drug overdose; my father not being around; going to jail at a early age; going to prison at 16 years old; overcoming a federal indictment. I mean, you know, everything that people in the world go though. Everything that these other rap cats talk about…Here is Blood Raw, who’s been through everything that ya’ll is talking about—and he doesn’t glorify nothing, He still holds his head up. He still keeps his chest out, you know what I’m saying? He’s humble and at the end of the day, he still believes in his dream and he made it happen. So with that said, that should show the world and anybody who has doubt within themselves that, if Blood Raw done it, then I know I could do it. Because, he’s not done one thing, he’s done everything that these other rap cats talk about. And I know he done it. It’s proof. I could go online, I could do whatever to check him out—and it all weighs up.