Bobby V Apologizes For His Music: "I've Been Doing People Injustice!"

I've been "chasing the radio more than I've been chasing the minds and hearts of the people", admits singer Bobby V. He's back and out on the move promoting his latest single "Back to Love" off the new EP Peach Moon.

Five albums in, and "Slow Down" singer Bobby V is trying something different. In a new video, the singer claims "I feel like I've been doing people injustice", when referring to his past music. He feels its time to get back to the roots, and as you'll see in this video, Mr. V is actually playing the piano.

Peep the video and hear the new song below:

Video: Bobby V Talks "Back To Love" Single + Making "Peach Moon EP

Sound: Back to Love

Peach Moon is set for a summer release.