Bone Crusher: The Tipping Point


one Crusher had the world on his side just three years ago. His hit, “Never Scared” was a major muscle in moving Crunk from the clubs to the country club dance-floors. However, as his peers caked up on bigger deals, stronger marketing, and endorsements, Bone Crusher was lost in the Arista merger with Jive. In the three years since, Bone Crusher survived by way of album appearances with Chamillionaire and Young Jeezy, and a love of food.

Today Bone Crusher is beefing up his buzz and trimming the pounds. Like Bizarre and Biz Markie before him, Bone will be appearing in the new season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. To benefit from the surge of watchers, 845 Entertainment will drop Release the Beast through the help of Roy Jones’ BodyHead Entertainment. Will the former frontman of Lyrical Giants get a career turnaround like David Banner, or is a more chiseled Bone Crusher going to use his frame to further the acting he jumped off in ATL? Going into the inevitable answer to that question, he’s still not scared. It’s been three years since your debut. What’s been going on since that time?

Bone Crusher: Man, It’s just been a lot of work, lots of s**t… lot of stuff that I had no control over. But now, we’re free, and the album is out July 18. I’ve been recording a lot man. I have like five albums. You’re free from what exactly?

Bone Crusher: The [merger] with Arista [to Jive] really f**ked a lot of people up. The Clipse got caught up in that whole thing, The Youngbloodz too. So is that why you’re not with So So Def anymore?

Bone Crusher: That’s exactly what it is. The whole thing was all because of what happened with Arista. J-Kwon too, you see he ain’t put nothing out in a while either. We were all in the same situation. Jive didn’t know any of us then, and they definitely don’t know now. So it was a bad deal all the way around. So you hooked up with Roy Jones & his BodyHead Entertainment. How did that connection come about?

Bone Crusher: My label, Van-glorious Entertainment, it’s a joint venture. I’m not signed to anybody, it’s my own company. We did a 50/50 deal. Is this just like a one album thing, or do you see it being permanent?

Bone Crusher: Right now, it’s one album, but it’s good. We’ll see how things go. You know, it depends on how things come out with this one album. So with your label, do you have a team of artists arranged already?

Bone Crusher: Oh yes, definitely. Young Twenty, they got a single called “Feeling Me.” They’re [coming out] right after me. So starting a label, would you say that was always something you wanted to do?

Bone Crusher: I mean, it was more of a means to an end. In this industry, so many people don’t last, and the only way to have longevity is for you to really know what’s going on behind the scenes with your career. It’s good to have more of a say-so in everything that goes on. My wife and I did the Van-Glorious Entertainment together. What was it that made you confident that Jones’ label was a perfect match for yourself?

Bone Crusher: You know, at the time, I was introduced to Roy Jones through my wife. She knew an affiliate of Jones and 845 Entertainment. So through that connection, everything came together. He had nationwide distribution, and nationwide distribution is definitely the way to go. That way, I’m in Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and so forth. The first single, it sounds like [Bone Crusher’s 2003 hit] “Never Scared,” and everybody is loving it for that reason. So is Release the Best copying AttenCHUN! that closely?

Bone Crusher: You already know. They can expect the same vibe from the last album. The first single is “Southern Gorillas,” and it ain’t nothin’ else after that. In what way have you been “released,” or how does the album title apply to you as an artist?

Bone Crusher: Hell, releasing me from the f**ked up labels. [laughs] Now I know you were big on cooking before you got with So So Def and did the first album…

Bone Crusher: Right… And now we see you’re doing Celebrity Fit Club 4. Obviously, your primary reason for getting involved is weight loss, but what else made you want to be a part of the show and challenge?

Bone Crusher: Besides me losing some weight, it was just another avenue for promotion, and a lot of stuff will come along with it. What’s your weight goal as a whole? How much do you figure you want to lose?

Bone Crusher: Well, I’ve already lost 30 pounds so far. Maybe another 70 pounds, and I’ll be good. Man, I can honestly commend you for it, because it’s hard as hell losing weight.

Bone Crusher: Yeah, it’s definitely hard. But this diet they have us on for Fit Club, it’s actually really good. You can easily lose 19 pounds over a couple of weeks. What kind of support have you had, not only from peers, but also from family?

Bone Crusher: The support-level has been really good. Everybody is like, “That’s good man, that’s good,” but I feel like I’m good. Once I get down to 300, I’ll probably be satisfied. But everybody loves it though. Going back to the music, what do you feel is in the future for you artistically? Do you see yourself doing albums of your own for very much longer?

Bone Crusher: I figure, maybe two more [albums] and I’m done. I’m not trying to go too much further than that. But then, my plan doesn’t really factor in, because whatever God’s plan is, that’s the way things will be.