BOOK REVIEW: Grace After Midnight: A Memoir

It’s probably the scene from the hardware store that you remember the most. The one when she gave a sales clerk an extra hundred after he sold her the nail gun that she used to hide dead bodies in abandoned houses. She is such a loveable little assassin on The Wire, and maybe that’s why many fans of the show consider her their favorite character. Grace After Midnight, by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson and David Ritz, is a memoir of the life of an enigmatic young lady who audiences fell in love with through a tough television show. However, she has always been charming and the kind of person that most people took a liking to. Reading the book, one will find that her life and her screen role are verysimilar. She dealt a little drugs. She beat up a few people, even for hire. She even killed someone. Felicia “Snoop” Pearson isn’t a classically trained actress. Although she hails from Baltimore, she didn’t go to the School for the Arts that Jada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur attended. She went to the School of Hard Knocks, and she was a straight A student. Back in the day she was known as Fefe, a tomboy who would hold packs for neighborhood drug dealers. She was a foster child, who was lucky to have known only one foster home. Her mother was a crack addict and when she was born, so was she. Crosseyed, weighing as much as a newborn puppy, Fefe survived. She was scrappy and when put in tight situations, she tends to fight her way out. She was nicknamed Snoop by a local drug dealer that she called Uncle; there was another that she called Father. She was the daughter of the streets. After being attacked by a woman with a baseball bat, Pearson shot her assailant and then hid out for weeks. She was eventually arrested and through plea bargain was sentenced to five years in a Maryland State Penitentiary known as “Grandma’s House.” In prison, Pearson became more astute; she started her own business, selling a much needed item. She also learned how to avoid confrontation, and when she lost her two biggest mentors she knew that her life would have to change after she was released. Grace After Midnight is a remarkable book about a remarkable young lady. Snoop is upfront about her sexuality, her hard life, and her dreams for a successful future. The book will encourage anyone who aspires to be bigger and better than what they are. This memoir is an awesome book to give a young person as a Christmas gift. The book is easy to read and is told in the first person; you can hear Snoop’s thick Baltimore accent as you are reading the words. Snoop Pearson is a dynamic actress surrounded by divine providence, which she knows as God’s grace. The book will help you gain appreciation for her life’s circumstances, and appreciation for your own.