Book Review: "Supermarket" by Bobby Hall AKA Logic

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Check out this review of Logic's debut novel, "Supermarket."

By: Biba Adams (@bibathediva)

Rappers are some of the most prolific writers in music. Through their poetry they can describe entire worlds in 16 bars.

For Logic, he's been able to build a strong and loyal fan base through talking about his life and history growing up biracial and poor in Maryland. One of rap's most unique young voices, Logic's authenticity appeals to his fans.

In his teens, Logic was kicked out of high school for failing every class except English. His early writing talent has translated to more than just a successful rap career, he is now taking his turn at writing fiction.

Supermarket is Logic's first novel written under his real name, Bobby Hall. The book is a dark journey into the mind of a talented young writer who is in the grip of severe anxiety that has crippled his life.

Trapped in a dead end job, in a dead end town, Flynn's only means of escape is through the words that he puts on the page in the ever-present little notebook in his pocket.

The cast of characters inside of the supermarket are a bunch of weirdos to put it mildly. There's Frank-a sociopath who seems to steal and joke more than he works and Ted-the store manager who is a total goofball.

There are a bunch of minor characters who only serve as interesting people for Flynn to fill his little notebook. Then, there is Mia. The pretty girl who works behind the bakery counter has captured Flynn's heart and his mind. Or has she?

In fact, is any of this even happening at all?

Supermarket is full of twists and turns as well as characters who are interesting. The writing is pretty good for an untrained novice author. Logic's fans will enjoy the work and as a writer, he has a lot of natural talent that

I hope to see him continue to grow and develop. Supermarket is a cool ride through the mind of a twisted character invented by one of hip-hop's most impressive voices.

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Kate Cadman
Kate Cadman

I am seriously considering this as the book of the year because the writer justified with the topic. He has raised a great topic with the help of rushessays service and put in front of public. We need to talk about these matters and find solutions for it.


How obsence or disturbing are the scenes in the book? Drug Use?