Breeding Ground: Nicolette The Bae God Comes With Personality, Power And Purpose


Nicolette The BaeGod has an infectious energy that draws people to her. Get to know the Harlem emcee and her motivation.

(AllHipHop Features) The name Nicolette means "people of victory" in French, the origins of the word. AllHipHop's Chuck Jigsaw Creekmur talked to The BaeGod herself - one of the dope, young talents in New York. The Harlem native was so eye-grabbing during a chance meeting at a concert, that she went on to get this interview with the AHH boss. While she has lyrics, she also has a story worth sharing. Her name is her name and Nicolette has already claimed the victory through sheer will. Now it is time to turn endurance into great successes. Check the videos and music below.