Breeding Ground Spotlight: Atlanta's Own DAEtrius Brings P.E.R.C.Y. Park to A3C

After performing on an A3C showcase, most artists network and “politick” by handing out CD’s, exchanging social media handles or handing out merch. Meet the artist who took to the streets of Edgewood Avenue during Atlanta’s A3C to give everyone a show after he stepped off stage (two showcases to be exact). His hustle and innovation led to immediate cosigns from Peter Rosenberg, DJ Greg Street and Trinidad James. World, meet DAEtrius and the #WHEREISPERCYPARK movement.

How do you feel about the Atlanta’s music scene?
Atlanta, is in a good place and sonically we are thriving. However, I feel like with diversity emerging in the Atlanta underground we could use The P.E.R.C.Y. PARK landscape as a contending frontrunner…music that touches the people. It’s why performing on a stage isn’t enough for me. Performing on the sound truck at A3C allowed me to get with the people.

What do you want your legacy to leave via music, art, etc...
I want my legacy to be authenticity, a true voice of the people. My art is for those who are searching for understanding and those that may be misunderstood or misrepresented…people who want to be understood and not interpreted. I feel like we all have so many layers. We’re all like fabric…on the surface appearing one way, but when you get up close, it’s we're so intricate. It represents both who we are and who we’re becoming. I want to be a symbol of growth and a testament of understanding.

Explain the acronym/meaning behind P.E.R.C.Y Park. 
P.E.R.C.Y. stands for a Portrayal of Emotions in ou(R) Careless Youth. Park symbolizes the fact that the world is a playground. We all live in P.E.R.C.Y. Park.

Favorite artist(s) and Why?
Jay Z , Outkast, and Tupac because they all embody the things that help shape my thinking: Charisma, Awareness and Authenticity.

Explain your music in one sentence. 
My music is about choices, the place we reside between heaven and hell….both thoughtful and carefree.

Stream "P.E.R.C.Y. Park Anthem" and the A3C x #WHEREISPERCYPARK recap video below and let us know your thoughts on DAEtrius's movement. Follow DAEtrius on Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud: @daetrius