Brisco: Medicine Man

AllHipHop Staff

It’s no industry secret that the Hip-Hop spotlight is

beaming down on Florida. Everyone

from Diddy to Timbaland own

homes in the area, and artists like T-Pain, Flo Rida,

and Pitbull have forced the industry to pay attention

to the Sunshine State. At the

center of all the attention is Miami’s Poe Boy Entertainment, the home of

artists like Rick Ross and Flo Rida. So it goes without saying that Brisco, an MC that many people call the next biggest thing

to come out of Florida, is also on Poe Boy Entertainment.

Brisco is currently in the

studio putting the finishing touches on his first album, but he is by no means

a rookie. The prolific rapper has

been in the studio for the last ten years making songs, dropping mixtapes, and performing all over Miami. After hearing just one song, Timbaland asked to contribute tracks while Brisco’s talents landed him Weezy’s

Tha Carter III [“La La”]

and Cash

Money Records when Lil Wayne decided to do a joint deal with Poe Boy


However, Brisco’s journey from Opa-locka

to success has not been without its bumps and bruises. He’s lost several family members and he

has been involved in two highly publicized beefs with Yung Berg and former labelmate Jackie-O. Quite understandably, the self proclaimed “Prince of Miami” has a lot to say on his

debut album Street Medicine, set to

drop in the summer of 2009, and in this very interview.  You have a long time fan base, but for the people who are

just now hearing about you, how did you get started in the game?

Brisco: When

I was young I use to always hang out in the studio with my cousin G -12, and he

introduced me to Rick Ross. The

first time I got in the booth was in front of Rick Ross because “he wanted to

see what I could do” and he liked what he heard.

In The Hood - Brisco feat Lil Wayne How did you first meet Lil Wayne?

Brisco: After

Hurricane Katrina went down, they moved down here. Baby is a friend of E-Class (Poe Boy Entertainment’s CEO)

and that’s how we met. 

What is it like working with someone

like Lil Wayne?

Brisco: He

is a genius. You wouldn’t think such genius would come out such a small body

but he is a genius, and I like sparring with him “cause he is the best”. 

Your former label mate Jacki-O

gave a really emotional interview to 89.1 about the incident that went down

between you and her at Lil Wayne’s video shoot. What exactly happened and how did y’all end up beefin'?

Brisco: The video shoot was a closed

video shoot. She was at the shoot

and I told security to let her in. 

When I got off the phone, I extended my hand out to her to say “W’sup” and she said “Don’t try and shake my hand, you real sometimey” and I’m like “F**k you B***h” and eventually security

ended up taking her off the set. 


y'all spoken since?

Brisco: I don’t

see no reason to talk to her, she doin' her and I’m doin' me. 


you still have beef with Yung Berg?

Brisco: I feel

like he was trying to degrade my city and degrade my brother so I went after

his career. His album only sold

40,000 in the first week so I feel like I did my job. I hope he makes better decisions when it come

to pickin’ beefs. 


Ok. Off the

beefs and back onto the new album. Do you have an exact release date


Brisco: As

an artist, you always want to be next, you can’t wait

to be the next person to drop your album. 

Well can you imagine, I’ve been waiting like that for 10 years. We don’t

have an exact release date but I been in the studio 25/8. What can people expect

from your album?

Brisco: It’s

a tragedy what happened to Tupac, but I feel like I’m

bringing the genuine feeling that he brought to the game. The whole album is really a classic. 


your favorite single on the album?

Brisco: "R.I.3." – You know normally

you say RIP but I say “RI3” because of my mom, my brother and my father. That song is really about me and about

my life. If you ever really want

to know about me, then listen to that song.

bitch im me - brisco 


you surprised by how much Miami really embraced you?

Brisco: Yeah I was really surprised ‘cause I’m

surrounded by a pond of haters, they like alligators, but it feels good. 


you feel any pressure to keep up with fellow label mates like Flo Rida and Rick Ross?

Brisco: Of

course. I mean I

always had my own money ‘cause I been doing shows in Miami

for the last five years, but they brought Maybachs and

now Brisco gotta get his Maybach. They

got houses sitting on like three and a half acres, and I want my big house too. 


doing a collaboration with Timbaland. Can you talk a little bit about how

that came about?

Brisco: You know like a lot of celebrities,

he want a house where [they] party at, so he lives in Miami. I met him recording at the Hit

Factory. I let him hear a song of

mine called “Mr. Genie” and he was an instant fan. He wanted to get in with the movement and he’s gonna do some tracks on the album. Man Timbaland

is like an uncle to me. 


do you hope fans will say after they listen to your album?

Brisco: Man,


hope they back it up and listen to it again. I want boyfriends to be mad at

their girl ‘cause she listen to the album so much. 


last words that you want to leave with your fans?

Brisco: I’m the

realest thing in the streets since Tupac Shakur. Street Medicine, Brisco in the '09.