Brutality Part 1

Artist: NecroTitle: Brutality Part 1Rating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Paine

Necro is Brookyn’s answer to Brotha Lynch Hung. He has established himself as an MC limiting himself to tales of detailed violence, rough sex and a heavy scoop of first amendment testing lyrics. Necro, as a producer, is known for his scary movie-inspired themes. Necro’s been behind such timeless productions like “Black Helicopters” by Non-Phixion and his own “Get On Ur Knees.” While his productions are widely-praised, many struggle with his content matter as an MC.

Brutality Part 1 is no tremendous advancement from Necro’s catalog of albums. To the most discriminating ear, Necro is just doing more research on his dark subject matter. Still, it is without any question that Necro is a very skilled MC. His lisped, quick bars are as good an example of a Kool G Rap prodigy as any. Perhaps like G Rap, Necro’s art will forever remain art exclusive to a select few.

Some of the album’s better lyrical offerings are given from Non-Phixion guests Goretex and Ill Bill. “Our Life” is a track that not only displays Bill’s skills over a intimate piano loop, but tells the story behind why these dudes are so deranged. “I’m Your Idol” may be the most hip-hop minded track, where Necro puts it down with brags and boasts celebrating the classic Special Ed reference.

In terms of production, Necro’s work does suggest growth. “Morbid Shit”, while not a terribly impressive lyrical track, is a great simple reggae chop sounding beat. Necro, while still relying heavily on strings and piano chords, is moving towards better percussion and more diversified sounds. Still, in celebration of his proven success method, Necro offers grimy classic productions found on “White Slavery” and “Dopesick.”

Originality lacks with many hip-hop artists. Necro is very original. Not since G Rap and Pete Nice has an MC been able to deliver so well in a truly grimy way. While this album has less novelty tracks than Necro’s work three years ago, it stands as his most solid and evolved body of work to date.