BUMP IT OR BLOW IT: Curren$y "Blown Away"

When one thinks of currency, they think of a means to transact; to exchange. Currency is used to get things that you want, to get goods and services, and to get what you need.Curren$y is not to be confused with Young Money anymore, but apparently he does stand ready willing and able to get you what you need.Previously you saw him on AllHipHop telling you who his Top 5 Dead or Alive emcees were. Since then, he's been conspicuously silent..until now. Here's a little dose of the kid in the studio with his homies working on new material. As with all the young cats trying to make a name for themselves he's a work in progress but i think this joint is cool. We'll see if duke is built to go the distance without the Cash Money machine. Is Curren$y good money? "Blown Away" is the track from the upcoming street album This Ain't No Mixtape. Check it out.

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