Bump It Or Blow It: Jay Rock Feat. Lil Wayne

What happens when the hardest working rapper in the game crosses paths with an up and coming West Coast representer straight from Watts? That question is answered in this new release from Jay Rock Featuring Lil Wayne on the track "All My Life." I've never heard of Jay Rock before this, but Warner Brothers pulled out the big guns on this one to put their artist out right.The beat is driving and the hook is solid, There is no hint of autotune or any of the stylistic nuances that Wayne has been leaning on recently. To be honest, in my opinion, this is Wayne at his best, just snapping off and going hard on a track. He relegates Jay Rock to an afterthought almost.Jay Rock doesn't embarrass himself on the mic, he keeps pace well, he segues between verses solidly, if not spectacularly. As a rapper I don't see anything special so far, but that may be due to the song itself as a single, or Weezy's superior performance. He did a solid enough job, Watts can stand up on this.The video helps the song out as well in a clear showing of why video killed the radio star. i don't know that I would have been as interested in this song, which to me is a solid song, without seeing this video. So I will allow you the same prejudice. Ladies and gentlemen, this week's Bump It Or Blow It, "All My Life."Peace.Jay Rock Feat. Lil Wayne All My Life - AllHipHopPoll Answers