BUMP IT OR BLOW IT: Sonic The Hamilton

This is a tough marketplace ya'll. There is so much product floating around for you to listen to and between the hype, between artists with their own blogs, and magazines trying to hold on to their last breath of usefulness hopping on whatever trend is hot, how can you trust whether someone actually has good music or whether they are just the flavor of the month?Admittedly some of these guys are on their grind. They have figured out that nobody wants your probably weak CD while they are standing on line for a show. We have enough coasters, pizza cutters, and CD's hanging from our rear view mirrors (what is WITH that anyway?) to ad yours to the list. So now they are coming out with whole "street albums" and mixtapes every month and Barack Obama mixtapes (worst trend ever) and mixtapes for every holiday.Some release mixtapes as part of an extended marketing push of their online movement. One such artist is Charles Hamilton. He's a bit on the weird side in my opinion but I'm old fashioned so it could be just me. He certainly has a different outlook on life. But one thing that can't be disputed is his passion for the music and his dedication to working hard to get his way of life out there. You can peep all of that here.Bump It or Blow It don't really care about a way of life however. All we give a f*** about is whether it's flames or games. So here you go folks. Sonic The Hamilton. Be heard. Let the world know if this is worth their time. This is the only place where your voice is directly heard and you don't have to depend on some reviewer whose taste doesn't match yours, or who may be some boom bap zealot or a wack music lover. Do your job folks. Make sure you comment. Peace.

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