BUMP IT OR BLOW IT: Swagger From Us


You love to hear the story again and again. Song comes out. Song catches fire. A milli a milli remixes come out with both signed and unsigned rappers coming out trying to outdo the original song.

The amateurs needing something you like to trick you into listening to their unfamiliar style and the vets trying to blow the original out of the water for bragging rights.

Earlier this year you had so many versions of "A Milli" they were gonna play it at the inaguration. Once everybody and they momma hopped on that, it kinda lost steam. Now we have the "Swagger Like Us" epidemic. The beat was ill, the MIA powered chorus hypnotic and the emcees all had a different swag (I really hate that word).

Not to be outdone, Jay-Z's biggest fan Jim Jones, who in his own right has, to be fair, gotten a lot of people to have swagger like him, decided to put his flavor on this. Jones doesn't come alone on this track though (pause for you dipsters). Weezy does double duty with an appearance, along with Twista & NOE (who has conspicuous swagger like Hov).

Does this have enough oomph to out swagger the original? Or is it just another item in the Jim Jones vs. Jay-Z hissy fit? You be the judge.

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