Bun B: II Trill

The Underground Kings, better known as UGK, have been a staple in southern Rap music since their inception in the early 90’s. Group members Bun B and Pimp C have paved the way for many southern MC’s to plant their seeds in Hip-Hop.

In 2002 a halt in the group’s recording career led Bun B to record his first debut album, Trill and several mixtapes in between. The group faced ultimate devastation in the untimely death of Pimp C late last year. Bun states on his first single “That’s Gangsta” from his newest solo project, II Trill (Rap-A-Lot Records) as well as several other tracks that Pimp C and UGK will continue to live on.

Bun’s single in question featuring Sean Kingston is your typical story of what is and isn’t “G.” It’s not the weakest song on the disc however it also isn’t the best. The organ jabbing title track, “II Trill” would have been a much better icebreaker for those doubting Bun’s ability to stand on his own. He affirms on the track that he’s too trill to retire at this point in the game.

The album is flooded with collaborations including everyone’s top pick Lil Wayne; on the bass guitar and electronic organ infused “Damn I’m Cold.” On “You’re Everything” which features southern heavy weights (no pun intended) Rick Ross, David Banner and 8-Ball & MJG, you feel like you’re getting the true essence of a bass heavy, Cadillac tipping-worthy track. The song samples Jodeci’s “Cry For You.”

“Swang On ‘Em” features Lupe Fiasco spitting “Speak on, how he on the song Bun B on / complete 180 how crazy has he gone” has a very marching band inspired vibe, while “If I Die II Night” featuring Young Buck & Lyfe Jennings has a more serious theme. Bun speaks on not letting anything get in the way of him doing what he has to do to protect what’s his.

While several songs on the album gives recognition to Pimp C, “Angel In The Sky” which samples Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon In The Sky” pays tribute to Bun’s deceased UGK brethren. The only track with Pimp C also features Chamillionaire is “Underground Thang” which is one of the more stand out songs on the album. Pimp C declares “If it wasn’t for the Bun Ni***’s might not know my name no more / but every time they gave me my mic he told them h*e’s to let me go.”

The album comes to a close with “Keep It 100” which is one of the few songs on the eighteen track album which features no guests. He reminds people that he’s forever an underground king and will never let anyone stop his hustle. II Trill is backed by solid production and is confirmation that there was UGK before, UGK now and UGK until.

Bun B Featuring Sean Kingston

"That's Gangsta"

Bun B Featuring Lil Wayne

"Dam I'm Cold"