C-Bo: Ten Lives

October 17th, 2003

will be a day that West Coast Mafia CEO C-Bo will never forget. In the early mornings

after leaving a nightclub in Kansas City, he and artists from his record label

were met with a barrage of bullets while they sat in their SUV. Miraculously,

no one was killed, and no life threatening injuries were sustained.

This occurrence

reads like a bad 2Pac or Biggie Smalls script. The circumstances are eerily

similar, yet tragedy does not rear its ugly head. Just days after the incident,

C-Bo spoke with Allhiphop.com to shed some light on the situation and offer

words of enlightenment to those who may or may not encounter what he did. It

is important to remember that no man or woman is promised the next minute, the

next hour, or the next day, so do all that you do in a persistent, yet kind

and gentle way.


What exactly took place the night of the shooting?

C-Bo: Well you

know, some boys got on us. They came out of nowhere. It wasn’t no accident

or nothing, they just came out of nowhere shooting.


Where did all this chaos take place?

C-Bo: I was in

Kansas City. We was coming from the club, about to go turn it in. We was riding

man, and they got my boy (Fat Tone) twice in the back. We was in a clean ass

Excursion, sitting on 24’s and sh*t. They shot every window out of that

muthaf*cka. They sprayed the fully and sh*t, you know what I mean?


What injuries did you sustain?

C-Bo: Nothing man,

just some cuts from the glass.


Various reports state that Messy Marv was seriously injured in the shooting.

In actuality, it was Fat Tone who got the worst of it, right?

C-Bo: Fat Tone

got hit in the back, right below his neck. He got hit in the ribs, and one of

his lungs collapsed. He’s stable right now. Messy Marv wasn’t in the

car. He was with us earlier that day, but he wasn’t with us at that time.


There were no injuries to Fat Tone’s spinal column?

C-Bo: Nope. The

bullets missed his spine somehow.


Has the police gotten anywhere with their investigation?

C-Bo: sh*t, I don’t

even know. We really haven’t talked to them. They’ve been asking us

questions and sh*t.


They have not established any sort of motive or anything?

C-Bo: They high

speeded away from the police and got away. They broke out, man.


What kind of condition is Fat Tone in right now?

C-Bo: He’s

straight; he’s going to make it.


I heard tell that they were coming after you with AK47’s. How were you

able to escape the gunshots?

C-Bo: Exactly my

man! They pulled up on the side of us. I’m in the passenger seat, my nigga

Fat Tone was behind me. Lil’ Psycho was in the middle, and Killa Tay was

on the side. They rolled up on my side and just sprayed with the fully, about

75 shots in a matter of 5 or 6 seconds. It sounded like threw a bunch of firecrackers

in the car!


How are you holding up from a mental aspect?

C-Bo: I’m

just chilling with my n*ggas right now. Thinking about life, bro. I should be

dead ten times right now. n*ggas got to get motivated in this music 100% because

it can over at any time.


You have to focus on the things you love most in this life and concentrate on

that because you may not get a second chance.

C-Bo: That’s

real right there.


You got any messages for the people who are going to be reading this?

C-Bo: Don’t

wait to do anything. Do what you want to do right now because you can be gone

any day. You got to stay motivated. Do the right thing, man. It’s not for

nothing. The sh*t you do wrong comes back to haunt you and the sh*t you do good

comes back to protect you. You got to do a lot of good sh*t so that it can protect

you from all that bad sh*t.