Can Jhonni Blaze's Musicality Overcome A Love & Hip-Hop Past?

Jhonni Blaze is known for everything from Drake to reality TV, but now she's taking her genius to the world of MUSIC

(AllHipHop Features) You might think you know Jhonni Blaze, but you probably don't. Ms. Blaze's life has been a proverbial roller coaster with more up and downs than a daytime soap opera. She was abducted as a child, drugged up and kept from her family. A lot of people know her from various other means like her foray in reality TV as an alumi of Love & Hip-Hop.

But now, Jhonni seeks a redemption of sorts and music is her salvation. Slowly, she evolves from reality TV, even though she is still currently a fixture on “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.” A past that includes beat downs and Drake rumors has manifested itself into a musical career. Before you balk, know that Jhonni can sing and plays six instruments, including classic piano. Don't let her stripper past fool you.

Check out this insightful conversation between Jhonni Blaze and Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur as the pair tumble into her dreams and ambitions as well as her-story.