Cappadonna: Slang Prostitution (Album Review)

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Cappadonna has experienced the best and worst of times as a Hip-Hop artist. Not many can attest to rocking international tours one year, and later choosing homelessness as a symbolic rebellion against a materialistic world. Through it all, Cappadonna has remained one of Wu Tang’s sharpest swords, and he seeks to solidify that reputation on the new album Slang Prostitution (Chambermusik Records).

At his best, Cappadonna offers verbal wizardry reminiscent on his early work on The Pillage. “Savage Life” showcases Cap’s attacking the microphone with the hunger of a rookie emcee. On the appropriate soulful vocal loop chords of “Pistacio,” Shaolin veteran King Just, Lounge Lo, and Luga join Cappadonna in reflecting on the dire perils on street life.

This sobering maturity is an overarching theme of the LP, united by three spoken installments entitled “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down.” In each set, Cappadonna is frank not only on his professional and personal shortcomings, but how his brief separation from Wu Tang lead to his spiritual crisis and subsequent self-imposed homelessness.

Although high-profile Clan guest spots are scarce, those that do appear make good use of their time. Over the Suspiria-like, melodic production of “Life’s A Gamble,” Raekwon steals the show with an enjoyable, allusion-heavy verse referencing everything from the Flintstone Kid’s Captain Caveman to the X-Men’s Nightcrawler.

Unfortunately, too often it is the musical arrangements of Slang Prostitution, not Cappadonna’s words, which bring down the project. Tracks like “That Staten Island Sh*t,” “Grungy,” and “Walk With Me” suffer from uninspired, plodding production that in turn noticeably stifles Goines’ usual flawless delivery. And while these missteps can many times be overlooked on a shorter LP, over nineteen songs these problems become more exacerbated as the album trudges on.

Despite setbacks that would have ended most careers, Cappadonna remains unbowed thirteen years after his introductory appearance on Only Built For Cuban Linx. But for future releases, the slang specialist must ensure the production does justice to his lyrical potency.

Cappadonna Featuring Masta Killa


Cappadonna Featuring Lounge Lo

"Da Vorzon"

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