Charge It To The Game

For many there hasn’t been a good urban tale since Coldest Winter Ever, but Charge it to the Game (La Femme Fatale) is taking a stand. Written by Michele A. Fletcher, this book puts a different spin on “hood” stories, as it speaks of something too many folks in the ‘hood don’t know about or choose to neglect—credit.Charge it to the Game tells the story of Erica and her eager rise to be ‘hood’ rich. Letting nothing stand in her way—her controlling dad, her meek mother, or overly-ambitious boyfriend —Erica is determined to be a woman of her own means and she means business. Avoiding the quick and dangerous money, Erica learns fast how to make money without killing people with drugs, but this game can be just as deadly. Erica take matters into her own hands and becomes the mastermind behind the biggest credit card fraud scheme in the country.The author, Fletcher, speaks from her own personal experiences. While incarcerated for illegal credit card manufacturing, what started out as “jotting down some thoughts on paper”, Fletcher gave birth to Charge it to the Game. Her family continues to serve as her inspiration and has led her to start her own publishing company, La Femme Fatale Productions. We can expect some entertaining works from Ms. Fletcher in the near future. If you’ve read The Coldest Winter Ever or True to the Game, you’ll be all too familiar with the direction of this tale. But there is a lesson to be learned in this book. Charge it to the Game is a definite page-turner. If you close your eyes though, you’d swear you’ve read this book already. But, you will be surprised by the ending.