ChartWatch: Drake Dominates! Usher, Plies and B.o.B. Trail...

So this week I think I should open up ChartWatch

with a

disclaimer because a few people out there took issue with my treatment

of Plies

last week. Here goes:

The thoughts and statements contained in ChartWatch


strictly the opinion of DeVaughn and not that of Any disparaging comments about Rick Ross (who

I will admit is getting better), Plies (who I will admit is getting

worse), Eminem

(who I’ve been waiting to drop a good album since The

Marshall Mathers LP), or any other rapper you like (love, hate,

emulate) is made by the writer, and the writer only.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s move

on to

ChartWatch. First up, as if you didn’t

know, is Drake. The Canadian rapper’s

debut album, Thank Me Later, enters

the charts at number one and sells 462,989 copies. This

will make fans happy because he sold the

most and hit number one. Plus, it should

make haters happy because he didn’t sell the (imaginary) projected

figure of

one billion copies and save the music industry. 

Congratulations to everyone!

Next up is Usher whose latest album, Raymond

v. Raymond, takes a slight drop from 12 to 13 and sells

29.046 copies.

Next up is Plies, a rapper that proves the age old

adage “associating

with goons will only keep you on top for a brief moment” (Or maybe it

was “let

sleeping goons lie”. Ok that’s not an

age old saying at all but nonetheless). 

His latest, Goon Affiliated,

drops from 5 to 18, selling 18,696 copies. 

It is a drop, but not as big as a lot of other Hip Hop artists

that fall

out of the top ten. We’ll see what

happens with the album next week.

The South Florida rapper is followed by Atlanta’s

own B.o.B

who continues to hold onto the charts with his debut, The

Adventures of Bobby Ray. 

This week the album moves 18,626 copies and claims the number 19


I feel like I’ve been writing about this next album


this column started. The Black Eyed Peas

continue to flood the world with Hip Pop as their latest album, The E.N.D, moves another 18,403 copies and

takes the number 20 spot.

Next up is the Rap/Reggae duo Nas & Damian

Marley whose

collaborative effort, Distant Relatives,

sells 11,194 copies and helps them claim the number 36 spot.

They are followed by another Atlanta artist,

Ludacris, whose

latest album, Battle of the Sexes, takes

the number 39 spot by selling 10,356 copies.

Last up is Eminem. 

That’s right Eminem. His last

album, Relapse, has popped back up in

the top fifty and claimed the 46th spot by selling 8,758

copies. I guess fans couldn’t wait for

Recovery and just had to hit the stores to get something from the 8 Mile


Dropping This Week

I’m going to start off with Slim Shady since

impatient fans

hit the stores a week early and put his last album on the charts instead


waiting for the new one. This week Eminem drops Recovery. Now this album

looks promising because it has a cheesy lead single, a sign that a good


album is about to drop. (i.e. “My Name

Is” from The Slim Shady LP…good

album. “The Real Slim Shady” from The

Marshall Mathers LP…good album. “Without Me”

from The Eminem Show…wait, that

wasn’t the best album. Ok, this isn’t a

scientific poll. Maybe my theory is

wrong.) The new album contains features

from Kobe, Pink, Lil Wayne and Rihanna. 

I don’t think I have to tell fans of Eminem to pick this one up.

Did you know The Roots were coming out with a new

album, and

if you did, why didn’t you tell the rest of us? 

This week the band from Philly drops their 11th studio


How I Got Over. The album

features Blu, John Legend, Phonte,

Dice Raw, and Peedi Peedi to name a few. 

Like the last artist, I don’t think I have to tell Roots fans to

pick up

a copy. Actually, looking at album

sales, maybe I do….The Roots fans...go pick up a copy of How

I Got Over.

Madlib continues to drop his beat tapes adding

another notch

to his Medicine Show series. This week

he drops Medicine Show No. 6 Brain Wreck

Show. The Medicine Show series has

been pretty decent so fans may want to check this one out. 

Plus, if you don’t buy it for the music, at

least buy it for the cover art.

Another producer known for his beat work is RJD2. This week he drops Inversions of Colossus. RJD2

puts out some seriously good production work so look forward to hearing



There are rumors that Wu Tang is coming out with a


show. This would be nice because, with

the whole group in the same house, fans might get an actual album out of

them. Now every time a new Wu Tang album drops


are forced to ask the following questions. 

Is this a real Wu Tang album? Is it a compilation? A

greatest hits? Is this from some affiliated Wu

group? Or is

this just an interpretation album?” With

that said, this week WuMusic Group

Presents Pollen: The Swarm, Pt. 3 hits the stores. I’ll

let Wu fans figure out what kind of

album this one is.

Houston underground rapper Z-Ro finishes what he


with the release of his last two albums Crack

and Cocaine. This week the Mo

City Don releases Heroin to complete his illegal

drug/album trilogy. I make a lot of

jokes about so-called “gangsta” rappers (especially one with an illegal


album trilogy concept), but Z-Ro puts out some pretty decent music so


might want to give him a listen.

Finally, Jedi Mind Tricks member, Vinny Paz, drops

his first

solo album, Season of the Assassin. Now,

Paz has been releasing albums since 1996

but this is his first time on his own (if you don’t count mixtapes). The new album features Freeway, Beanie Sigel,

Ill Bill, Sick Jacken, Paul Wall, and R.A. the Rugged Man to name a few. If you’re a fan of JMT or looking for some

underground Hip Hop then look no further.

Well, that’s it for the week. We’ll

see how artists hold up on the charts

next week. By the way, I saw the comment

last week about putting in overall sales figures…working on it now and


for the input.