ChartWatch: Em, Lil Wayne Still Selling! Devin The Dude Quietly Drops!

There’s a Democratic

president losing favor in the media. The Republicans are gaining control in the

government. Random politicians are making random

soundbites about popular rappers. There are a few rappers

going to jail or getting in trouble with the law. MC

Hammer has a record out. Did we go

back in time? Is it the early 90’s? What is going on? I guess we should be expecting another Tupac

album soon because it feels like déjà vu. 

What’s next? Are Starter Jackets

coming back? Well, on a good note it is

kind of funny that George Bush is still shook by Kanye’s


And speaking of good notes,

Lil Wayne is set to walk out of jail this Thursday and will be greeted by

having the number four album in the country. 

I Am Not A Human Being moves

another 43,201 copies bringing the EP’s totals to 357,335.

He is followed by Eminem

whose latest album, Recovery, has

moved up three spots to number five. The

37,757 copies sold this week brings the albums totals to 2,913,922.

All the way down at the 34th

spot is Waka Flocka Flame whose debut album has so far sold 75,594. This week the Atlanta rapper moves 9,879


Rick Ross’ fourth album, Teflon

Don, also moves up, from 42 to 38, by selling 9,316 copies. Ross has sold 452,954 copies to date.

Drake is directly behind Ross at the number 39th

spot. His debut, Thank Me Later, went

platinum awhile ago and the 9,108 copies sold by him this week brings the

albums totals to 1,143,650.

Finally, John Legend and The Roots, on the heels of their

performance this weekend and the National Mall in Washington DC, move another

7,623 copies of their 60’s inspired album Wake

Up. So far the collaboration has

sold 145,310 copies.

Dropping This Week

Devin the Dude drops another album with minimal

marketing. I from Houston and I didn’t

even know he was coming out with a new album. 

It’s a shame because I don’t think he has put out a disappointing album

to date. (of course I’m a little biased….but

I’m sure there are plenty of fans out there that will tell you the same.) Gotta

Be Me is the seventh studio album from Devin and his second to be released

this year. He’s been adding a lot of

work to his critically acclaimed collection since ending his decade-and-a-half relationship

with Rap-A-Lot in 2008. If you like

weed, wine, or women then take a listen to the latest from Devin.

This isn’t necessarily a Hip Hop album but this next group

has such an influence that they get included in dropping. The Pharrell fronted band, N.E.R.D, drop

their fourth studio album, Nothing,

this week. The new album features T.I.

and Nelly Furtado, and if you pick up the deluxe edition there is a track with


Not a lot coming out this week but there are some

anticipated albums on the horizon. Next