ChartWatch: Eminem Pushes 90k More! Dorrough & K-Rino Break Out New CDs!

ChartWatch for September 8, 2010

So DMX doesn’t

think Plies can rap. It’s about time

an artist stated their opinion with a name. 

Granted, DMX can’t rap anymore (or he can rap and he’s hiding his

abilities really well) but it’s good

to see the opinion out there.

Welcome to ChartWatch where we count down the top sales in

hip Hop and show you the albums dropping this week. Oh and, as you can see from the opening line,

we occasionally talk about your favorite rapper. Not every rapper….just the bad ones. But calm down Plies fans….it’s just jokes. I guess I probably offended DMX fans as well

with that first line. Sorry?

By the way, Plies I wouldn’t respond. I make fun of both of you but we know X can

still rap if given the opportunity. Don’t

give him the opportunity.

First up is an artist that hasn’t had a problem seizing on

his comeback opportunity. Eminem holds

strong at the number three spot. This

week Recovery moves 92,185 copies bringing

Eminem’s total sales for the album to 2,437,182.

He is followed by Drake who jumps up two spots to number

15. The Canadian rapper’s debut album, Thank Me Later, continues to move units,

adding another 19,559 copies this week to its 1,046,208 total.

Rick Ross falls to 25, selling 15,942 copies of his fourth

album Teflon Don. So far the Miami MC has moved a total of

368,391 copies.

Fabolous enters the charts at number 32 with his latest There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music

Mixtape. The Brooklyn MC joins the

charts with 12,726 copies sold.

The Black Eyed Peas continue their sales reign this week by

moving 9,628 copies of their fifth studio album, The E.N.D. That might not

seem like much but the group’s total sales for the album is 2,750,952.

Finally B.o.B comes in at 47 with his debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray. The Atlanta MC sells 7,934 copies bringing

his total sales to 363,102.

Dropping This Week

In the words of Scarface, off of his mixtape Dopeboy Music, “Ya’ll sleeping on

K-Rino.” The Houston rapper, who has

been making music for over 2 decades, drops his latest album this week entitled

Annihilation of the Evil Machine. This is K-Rino’s 16th solo album

and if that’s not enough he has a countless number of compilations and mixtapes. For those that don’t know or just want to

take a listen you can pretty much find this whole album on YouTube. Take a listen and then go support the music.

Keeping it in Texas is Dallas rapper Dorrough who returns

with his second album Get Big. The rapper’s second studio album contains

production work from Nitti, Mouse, Raw Smoov and Drumma Boy with guest appearances

from Juvenile, Yo Gotti, Ray J, Jim Jones, and Slim Thug.

Is anybody here familiar with Blue Sky Black Death? They are a production duo out of Seattle and

San Francisco that have created some incredible albums like Razah’s Ladder with

Wu affiliate Hell Razah and The Evil

Jeanius with Jean Grae. That second

album should be noted because it caused a slight underground controversy. Jean did not record for this album. BSBD just used her prerecorded verses and

crafted beats around it. That’s didn’t

make Jean happy but it does give fans a chance to hear songs like “Threats”, “Light’s Out”, and “It’s Still A Love Song”. The duo releases their 11thThird Party. album

this week entitled

That’s it for ChartWatch this week. Buy (download) an album.