ChartWatch for August 18, 2010: Em Dominates, Rick Ross Still Selling, Drake Almost Platinum

There’s not a lot of certainty in the music world. You can be on top of the charts one week and plummet the next. One artist that has managed to maintain his sales peak is Eminem. The Detroit artist climbs back into the number one spot with his latest album, Recovery. Eminem sells 130,810 copies this week bringing his total sales for this album to 2,129,750 and pushing him to double platinum. Em is followed by Rick Ross, who falls from six to eight with his new album, Teflon Don. (Side note….just listened to the album…it’s cool…but I do have a serious question. Aren’t “MC Hammer” and “B.M.F” pretty much the same song? Am I super late on this observation? Just wondering…)

The Miami rapper moves 29,110 copies this week bringing the albums total sales to 308,378. Canada’s own Drake claims the number 11 spot with his debut Thank Me Later. The Young Money MC pushes out 23,944 copies sold this week bringing his totals to…..drum roll please………983,186. Drake is pretty close to the line and he should be going platinum next week. (American platinum…not Canadian platinum). The Black Eyed Peas hold their position at number 18 by moving 14,959 copies of their fifth studio album The E.N.D. This brings the Hip Pop groups total sales to 2,718,090.He was number four last week but this week he takes a significant drop to the number twenty spot. Bun B’s Trill OG sells 14,020 bringing its total 2 week sales to 53,858.He is followed by Atlanta’s B.o.B and his debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray.  This week B.o.B takes the 32nd spot, moves 11,081 copies, and brings his total sales to 333,720. Finally, Outkast’s Big Boi claims the 42nd spot this week. Sir Luscious Leftfoot the Son of Chico Dusty moves 8,143 copies this week giving the Atlanta MC 131,319 in total sales.Once again there aren’t too many interesting albums coming out so no “Dropping this Week”. There should be some decent stuff coming out in the next few weeks so be on the lookout. See you next week.