ChartWatch For August 25th: Eminem, Rick Ross Still Selling, Drake Pushing Units

Welcome back to ChartWatch where I get to count down the top 50 in Hip Hop’s past week sales, show you the new releases, and make fun of subpar rappers (That’s my favorite part). Now, I know some out there have taken issue with the fact that I have made fun of certain rappers. You say “Why hate?” or “Stop talking…get money” And to a certain extent I agree. I should stop talking and get money….until I see this (Click here). And this (WTF). Or this (Ok this one is funny). Well, they are all actually kind of funny. It’s just that children listening to that kind of music at such an early age makes me concerned….concerned that they may grow up and become rappers. That could be dangerous. You know who was popular in rap when Waka was growing up? Nas, Wu Tang, UGK, Tela, 8Ball & MJG, etc. And after listening to all that he still came out rapping like…Waka…Flocka…Flame. What’s going to happen when a generation starts spitting that listened to him? And to those that think I hate I actually like a few of Waka’s songs. It’s just that we only need ONE Waka Flaka Flame. Just one. If you’re going to let your kids listen to over sexualized, violent music with no redeemable moral value at least make sure there’s some lyricism - like the first artist on our countdown. His mom let him grow up on….ok bad example. So first up is Eminem and is anybody really surprised that he retains the number one spot. Since the release of seventh studio album, Recovery, this past June the Detroit MC has held strong at the top of the charts. This week is no different with Marshall Mathers moving 116,558 copies bringing his total sales to 2,246,308.I don’t usually put R&B acts in the column but if the crack the top ten I’ll give them a chance to shine. Anyone out there remember Kem? He came out with “Love Calls” a few years ago. Well the soul/jazz artist released his third album, Intamacy: Album III, last week and it has climbed to number two on the album charts. The Tennessee singer sells 76,406 copies of his latest. Rick Ross drops from eight to eleven with his latest album Teflon Don. The Miami rapper moves another 23,508 copies of his fourth album bringing his total album sales to 331,886. Drake drops one spot, from 11 to 12, but still comes out on top because the Young Money rapper has reached the platinum mark. Drake moves 23,333 copies of Thank Me Later and now can official claim platinum with his sales are at 1,006,519. The Black Eyed Peas take a dip eight spots and land at 26. Uh oh. This means Will.I.Am is going to have to cut back on his solid gold disposable plates. The Hip Pop group moves 13,149 copies of The E.N.D bringing the albums total sales to 2,731,239.B.o.B stays at the 32nd position this week with his debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray. He sells 11,510 copies this week and brings his total sales to 345,230. Behind him is Port Arthur’s own Bun B with his third solo album Trill OG. The U.G.K artist moves another 10,399 copies bringing his total sales to 64,257.Finally, Big Boi holds the 48th spot with his solo debut Sir Lucious Leftfoot The Son of Chico Dusty. The 8,303 copies he moved this week bring the albums total sales to 139,622. Dropping This Week First up this week is occasional Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member, Bizzy Bone. Bizzy has a weird way of popping in and out of the public. Whether it’s his appearance on Tosh.0 as a battle rap coach or his recent statement to about signing with CashMoney, the Ohio MC is never short with the “Wait…was that Bizzy Bone moments? What just happened? ”. The rapper has had a tumultuous life and career but has managed to consistently put out (arguably) decent music. This week he drops his 15th studio album,Crossroad 2010, since releasing his first solo in 1998. Can someone please read the CashMoney article and explain to me if he signed or not? It’s….interesting. Finally we have The Pack, a Bay Area rap group consisting of Lil Uno, Lil B, Young L, and Stunnaman. The group came out in 2007 with Based Boys and built an underground following while simultaneously reminding every Hip Hop fan approaching 30 that they were officially old. (I’m included in this group. I know they’re popular…I just don’t get it. And according to their fans it’s not for me to get.) This week the group dropsWolfpack Party. If you’re a fan pick it up. That’s it for the Charts this week. Am I the only one that finds the number of children performing Waka Flocka Flame’s “O Let’s Do It” on Youtube kind of strange? Waka, forget putting out a street album. You need to get with Disney and drop an educational record. Some of those kids don’t even know the alphabet but they know your song. Just a thought…