ChartWatch for July 27, 2010: Eminem Tops Rick Ross

It was close this week but Eminem continues his reign on the Charts . His latest album, Recovery, moves another 187,968 bringing his total five weeks sales to 1,690,534. Em is well on his way to double platinum.This is sure to cause a huge back-and-forth in the comment section but Rick Ross takes the number two spot. The Miami rapper released Teflon Don last week and to date it has sold 176,000 copies. Not bad for first week sales. Like a commenter said last week Hip Hop fans (or at least the more vocal ones) appear to have lost their sense of objectivity. This means that the comment section will be full of people that either love or hate Ross. Names will be called and comparisons will be made (ex. “Commenter name here” is a “derogatory name here” if he thinks that “rapper name here” is better than “rapper name here”) so here we go. I mean…I like music by Nas, Blu, Eminem, Kool G Rap, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, The Roots, De La Soul, Young Jeezy, (this could really go forever) and I can even say The Black Eyed Peas put out a listenable song on occasion. But do I care enough to really argue with someone about their music? Will I discuss? Yes. Agree and disagree? Yes. But really argue? Nah…I’m good. But hey, that’s just me. I just like music….but to each his own. Let’s just try to support the music. Actually, f#*% all that. I don’t care if they’ve made a good song or two…I really can’t stand the Black Eyed Peas…and since were on it I can’t stand Plies either. Drake also drops one spot, from 3 to 4, but his debut, Thank Me Later, still sells 49,118 copies. So far the Canadian MC has sold 895,160 copies. I’m predicting he goes platinum stateside in three more weeks. We’ll see…Next up is an artist that needs to be heard more on the radio. Big Boi’s, Sir Lucious Leftfoot the Son of Chico Dusty, moves another 18,419 copies bringing the albums total three week sales to 101,543. C’mon Def Jam…..where’s the big push for Big Boi?Now we come to a group that actually moved up the charts. The Black Eyed Peas jump from 23 to 22 with their Hip Pop album, The E.N.D. This week the group sells 15,074 copies bringing The E.N.D’s total sales to 2,669,880. Wow. When this group came out they were your average Hip Hop group but one average singer and a few cheesy pop songs later their millionaires. Well, I’m sure Will.I.Am and Fergie make money. I don’t know about the other two. How much money do you get for standing in the background and making odd hand movements?B.o.B also climbs up the charts, rising from 30 to 28, selling 12,453 of his debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray. This brings the Atlanta MC’s total sells to 298,397.Finally, The Roots drop seven spots, to 45, selling 8,835 copies of their ninth studio album, How I Got Over. This brings the Philly groups total sales to 99,976. Hey, Def Jam has three artists on the countdown. Can you guys pump some of that Rick Ross money in the Big Boi and The Roots direction? Do they need to make a song about Big Meech? Do you want them to get a Fergie because we can find a Fergie? Dropping This WeekFirst up in dropping this week is Joey Crack. Fat Joe is releasing his 10th solo album, The Darkside Vol 1. The new album features production by Scram Jones, Cool & Dre, Just Blaze, DJ Infamous, Scoop DeVille, Raw Uncut, and DJ Premier with guest appearances from Clipse, Cam’ron, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, Rico Love, R. Kelly, Too Short, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes. Fat Joe says this is supposed to be a harsher album and a return to his harcore Hip Hop roots. I haven’t heard it but I’m sure the fans out there that have will definitely speak on it. So if you’ve heard it is this Joe’s return to the hardcore?Tech N9ne releases his 11th studio album The Gates Mixed Plate. The title is a reference to Kansas City’s own Gates Bar-B-Q and is Tech N9ne’s third album in his “collabo” series. The album features Kutt Calhoun,Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, Brotha Lynch Hung, Stevie Stone, Glasses Malone, Jay Rock, Yukmouth, Devin the Dude, Irv Da Phenom, and many more.Slum Village drops their sixth, and reportedly final, studio album Villa Manifesto. This is the first Slum Village album that will feature all five members with Baatin and J Dilla appearing posthumously alongside T3, Elzhi, and llla J. The album features guest appearances from De La Soul, ?uestlove, Little Brother, Colin Munroe, Dwele, Babu, and Phife Dawg. It’s the first album the whole group is on and it might be the last so I know fans will be picking this one up.Finally, Madlib continues his Medicine Show series with Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz. I’ve been listening to this series and haven’t been disappointed yet. Pick it up if you want to hear some good production.That’s it for Chartwatch. I’m sure some of you are already arguing in the comments below but hey…it’s all Hip Hop. And I don’t really hate the Black Eyed Peas and Plies as people….I just hate their music. Except for some songs off of Elephunk. And Plies did go kinda hard on that last Jeezy song. Nevermind…I’m a hypocrite.