ChartWatch: Gucci Mane, Snoop, Timbaland, Clipse - Sales are IN!

AllHipHop ChartWatch for December 16, 2009 I’ve

spent the last few weeks pointing out the sales of reality TV star Susan

Boyle which has raise a lot of questions amongst readers. Mainly,

Who the f--- is Susan Boyle? Well, I’ll tell you. She’s

a British, reality show star. Now British music artist + Reality

TV should equal your album going double wood here in the states but

for some reason this lady is selling more albums then they can keep

on the shelves. I know she’s not Hip Hop but Boyle managed to

sell another 580,000 copies of her album I Dreamed

A Dream pushing her sales well over the million mark.


gave that little intro on Boyle because 1) I find it slightly interesting

and 2) the closest thing to Hip Hop in the Top 10 is Chris Brown.

He ain’t Hip Hop either but at least he has a rapper or two on the

album. The R&B singer took time off of community service to

sell 102,000 copies of his latest album, Graffiti. Flip over

to rumors if you want to see about Chris’ Twitter tirade.


I don’t want to make it seem as though this was a bad week for Hip

Hop. We actually have a few artists from last column’s 

“Dropping this Week” make it into this week’s top fifty.

Let’s continue on to find out who made it.


up is an MC out of the south. Although many critics question

his musical ability he continues to sell and please his fan base.

I’m hearing the album is on point, so congratulations to Gucci Mane

for selling 89,000 copies of his new album, The State vs.

Radric Davis. The Atlanta rapper’s major label album debuts

at the number 11 spot and places him as the top selling rapper for this



next album has been on the charts since June and is still pushing big

numbers. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but this group is

getting at least 50,000 people to buy their album each week. The

Black Eyed Peas move up two spots, from 22 to 20, and sell another 64,000

copies of their album, The E.N.D.


Beach representative Snoop Dogg enters the chart this week and grabs

the twenty second spot. The Westcoast MC sells 61,000 copies of

his tenth studio album, Malice ‘N Wonderland.


Hop super-producer Timbaland continues his foray into pop music with

his latest album Shock Value II. His latest album enters

the charts at the 36th position and sells 37,000 copies.


the Virginia duo, Clipse, enters the charts this week and claims the

forty eighth spot. Their Neptunes produced album Till

The Casket Drops sells 29,000 copies. 

Dropping This Week


an all Westcoast “Dropping” this week. We’ll start of first

with Sacramento MC Bueno who is dropping his new cd Can’t Knock

The Hustle. The album features The Jacka, Dubb 20, and Mistah

F.A.B with production by DJ Epik and Hallway Productionz.


coming out of the Bay area is Messy Marv and Berner who team up to release

Blow. The album features guest appearances from C-Bo, B-Legit,

Yukmouth, Husalah & Fed-X of the Mob Figaz, Killa Tay, J-Stalin,

Ampichino and others.