ChartWatch: Kid Cudi Sells! Cee-Lo Enters Award!

Chartwatch for November 17, 2010

I missed last week but not too much happened. Sorry. 

Did anything really happen? Jay

Electronica signed with Jay-Z and Diddy got his feelings hurt. Chrisette Michele gave up on Hip Hop because

she found out rappers were (newsflash) egotistic. Hammer squashed the one-sided beef between him

and Jay-Z which means Shawn Carter can finally breathe a sigh of relief. (That was sarcasm….no need to inform me that

Jay wasn’t scared in the comments.) Oh,

and Jay came out with a book, which means some fans out there are walking into

a Barnes & Noble for the second time in two years (Since 48 Laws of Power by 50 Cent). So I didn’t miss too much. We do have some Hip H—Well, we have a couple

of dudes that are talented rappers but have had much more success singing (more

power to them) entering the charts this week.

Kid Cudi enters the charts at number 3 with his second album

Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager. I guess that’s not bad for somebody that is

on his second album and already talking about retiring. This week the G.O.O.D Music artist moves 169,298

copies of his sophomore album.

Cee Lo Green takes the number 9 spot with his third solo

studio album, The Lady Killer. The Goodie Mob MC enters the charts this week

selling 41,000 copies. Cee Lo is doing a

lot of singing on this album but there’s a Goodie Mob album coming out soon for

those that want to hear some rapping from the Atlanta MC.

He is followed by Lil Wayne, who drops from 5 to 10, with

his EP I Am Not A Human Being, but

still manages to sell 34,868 copies. So

far the Young Money CEO has sold 446,000 copies.

Eminem also takes a dip, falling from 7 to 11, with his

seventh studio album, Recovery. This week Em puts up 34,535 copies bringing

his estimated totals to 2,971,000. At

the rate he’s going Eminem should hit 3X platinum within the next two weeks.

Finally, Twista enters the charts at number 38 with his

latest album, Perfect Strom. The rapidfire wordsmith moves 14,939 copies

of his eighth studio album.

Dropping This Week

I have been saying that a lot of Hip Hop albums are coming

out in the upcoming weeks….but this week ain’t the week. Kanye and Nicki drop next week and, hate it

or love it, they will garner some sales in Hip Hop. This week the only thing really dropping is

Nelly. Yeah…Nelly. He drops his sixth studio album this week

entitled 5.0. The album features T.I., Birdman, DJ Khaled,

Chris Brown, Plies, T-Pain, Akon, Kelly Rowland, Yo Gotti, and Keri

Hilson. Let’s be real….is anyone out

there really looking for the Nelly album? Really? Hey, I might be wrong. He might put up some numbers next week, and

if he does I’ll take my statement back…but c’mon son. (And to those of you that feel bad for Nelly –

don’t. He sleeps in a big mansion on a

pile of money next to Ashanti so he pretty much already won.)

I’m sure most of you have already heard the Kanye and Nicki

album but both will be here next week. 

That’s the charts.