ChartWatch: Lil Wayne BREAKS LOOSE!

ChartWatch for October 20, 2010

It’s a slow week again and there aren’t a lot of albums

coming out in Hip Hop but things should start looking up in the next couple of

months. Albums are set to be released

from artist like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jim Jones, Dirty Money (well see if

this one really comes out), The Game, Lupe Fiasco, Three 6 Mafia, Chamillionaire,

Devin the Dude, N.E.R.D, Cali District Swag, Kid Cudi, Nelly, Cee-Lo Green,

Madlib, Skillz, and more.

Last week I posed a couple of questions. In reference to the Lil Wayne album being

release first as a digital copy and then one week later as a physical version I

said the quote below:

“Do you think the actual copy will really boost sales? I mean, do that many people really still buy

actual CDs? “

Well apparently a lot of you out there do because this week

Wayne jumps up from 17 to number 1. He

sells 410% more than last week by moving 118,747 copies of I Am Not A Human Being. So

far the Young Money CEO has sold 250,831 copies of the EP.

We is followed by Eminem who drops down one spot to number

five but still manages to sell 49,907 copies of his latest album Recovery. That brings the album’s totals to 2,833,913.

Waka Flocka Flame drops from 7 to 20 with his debut album Flockaveli. The 18,187 copies sold this week by the

Atlanta artist brings the albums total sales to 54,611.

John Legend and The Roots take a dip, from 19 to 26, and

sell 15,087 copies of their 70’s inspired collaboration album Wake Up. 

So far the G.O.O.D Music singer and Philadelphia Hip Hop staple have

sold 125,792 copies.

They are followed by Gucci Mane whose third studio album, The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted takes

the 32 spot, selling 11,961 copies. So

far The Appeal has sold 93,553.

Finally, Rick Ross moves up three spots to number 40 with

his fourth studio album Teflon Don. The 9,217 copies sold by the Miami rapper

this week brings his total to 434,118.

Dropping This Week

There are only one real album of interest coming out this

week (and I use the word interest real loosely). Lil Scrappy drops his third studio album Prince of the South 2 this week. I don’t see this moving too many copies but

hey…I could be wrong.