ChartWatch: Rihanna Gets Bodied! Black Eyed Peas Return! 50 Cent Slips!

AllHipHop ChartWatch for December 02, 2009


week’s column may have received the most comments we’ve ever gotten on

ChartWatch and you can pretty much attribute it all to 50 Cent. Whether you love him, hate him, or generally

could care less about him, the queens MC gets people talking. This week the controversial MC took a hit as

his latest album falls from the fourth to the 21st spot. That news is sure to get haters talking of

the rapper’s demise and super fans talking about how it is all a part of 50’s

master plan. (Remember when we just use

to talk about whether the album was good.) 

Either way it is a big drop but let’s put it in perspective. With that drop 50 Cent is still the top

selling rap artist holding the 21st position and selling 59,000

copies of his fourth album, Before I Self


But, what is more interesting is that Susan Boyle BODIED everything moving this week by selling 670k her first week out (this does not include UK sales figures). This ether includes Rihanna, who came in at No. 5 with 181,000 sold. For RiRi, these numbers are actually consistent with her sales pattern. But Boyle also decimated pop stars Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, the American Idol. Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift were also in the shadows of the Scotish-born Boyle, but all made the Top 10.

Looking back at 50, the Queens rapper is not the only Hip Hop artist in the Top 50. The Black Eyed Peas actually moved up some positions and claim the 23rd spot, selling 53,000 copies of their latest album The E.N.D. Jay-Z remains at the 32nd position

selling 34,000 copies of The Blueprint 3.


some congratulations out to Birdman. If you’ve

been checking the site then you’ve probably already seen the huge tattoo that

he has in honor of his latest cd Pricele$$. The CashMoney CEO’s latest effort enters the charts this week at number 33 selling 33,000 copies.


This Week

There have been some good

albums these last few months in Dropping. 

Most notably, Slaughterhouse’s self titled debut, Wale’s Attention Deficit, and Murs & Slug’s

A Tribute to Rosie Perez. Keep checking back here to find out the new albums and support some of the Hip-Hop artists. 

We only have two albums in Dropping this Week but they are from some

solid artists. Fans should be pleased

because it’s been awhile since we have heard from these East and South Coast


New Orleans has a few

things to smile about. First, The Saints

still continue to have an undefeated season (Who Dat?!) and second, there is a

new album from its native son Juvenile. 

After selling millions of albums as a solo artist, the former Hot Boy drops

his ninth album, Cocky & Confident. It’s been three years since we have heard

from Juvenile who most recently has had to deal with the tragedy of losing his

four year old daughter. His last album, Reality Check, entered the charts at

number one and I’m sure he is looking to do it once again. The new album features Bobby Valentino,

Pleasure P, B.G., and Partners-N-Crime, to name a few. During Juvenile’s career he has put

CashMoney on the map with his album 400

degrees, been the first to have a public split with the record label,

started his own UTP Records, had a small beef with Lil Wayne, and, now that

bridges are mended, is talking of a Hot Boy’s reunion. His fans should be ready and waiting for a

new album to drop. If you’re a fan of

the crescent city MC then pick up his latest disc.

Souls of Mischief have, in my opinion, one of the greatest Hip-Hop singles ever. The track “93 ‘til Infinity” off of the same titled album still makes it onto Hip-Hop playlist across the country. It has been nine years since the group

released their 3rd album Trilogy:

Conflict, Climax, Resolution and now the Oakland-based group returns with Montezuma’s Revenge. The album is produced by Prince Paul and features

and intro by Del the Funky Homosapien. The

rest of the album is solely Souls of Mischief so expect some lyricism on this

one. If the last album wasn’t to your

likening this album is supposed to be more cohesive so keep an ear out for this


As usual sales are down across the board so here’s a couple of questions: Do you have any CD's you’re looking forward to purchasing? With the ability to get so much music for

free what would prompt you to actually go out and purchase a one? I myself used to look forward to picking up albums every Tuesday but lately I can’t think of too many albums that have made me want to leave my house and go to a store.

That’s it for albums dropping. So let us know….what makes you go out and

actually purchase an album?